Crazyjoe foaming at the mouth

Just saw Crazyjoe fussing over questions about his son. He is the guy who bragged about holding and demandng the prosecutor to be fired. Get that crazy old man off the BALLOT.

He. made the statement he never talked to his son about Hunters overseas business dealings. Let’s get someone qualified to run against President Trump. Of course this is my own personal opinion. Let us discuss this.

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Maybe he’ll pop another blood vessel when the sources start coming with names. lol

Totally unlike the paragon of self control we have in office now, huh?


Tommy i agree that Crazyjoe is really unlike our President. OBAMANATION was a goofball too. CRAZYJOE SHOULD CALL Visiting angles to help him to the mailbox, do arts and crafts, cook his meals, and laugh at his jokes.

Now let us talk abkut joe biden, crazyjoe, bragging about demanding the prosecutor be fired or they not getting US Govt money. That appears to be abuse of office for joe to protect his son, in my opinion. I hope there is an investgation on that.

Ms warren may get the nomination. I look forward to President Trump and she to debate each other. Who will be her running mate? I hope she picks the young lady from Hawaii. That would be a good match.

Tulsi Gabbard is the only one with common sense.

Trump supporters know what values a good politician should have. :rofl:

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ICAM with you about Joe Biden who has been on Capitol Hill for 40 years and is as corrupt as it gets in politics and he is also a plagiarist and liar! With all that said he is still the lessor of the DNC Presidential candidate evils, in other words the conga line of candidates for the Socialist/Democrat Party are even worse.

A vote for a Democrat Candidate for “any” Federal office is a vote against America and they must be defeated at the ballot box! JMO

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Imagine being a Trumpist and using mental acumen as an attack against literally any politician in American history.


I see nothing wrong with that, and i am not a Trumpist, whatever that is. I am an American. In saying that, I support the President of the United States.

Actually i do not like politicians that much. I think i li,e the President becUse he is an outsider with good business sense, who loves America.

Waste of time I know, but do you know that it was US policy and most European nations’ policy to try to get him removed? Please answer.

I do not give a rats behind what europe wants… i think some of them were involved in the dossier and spying.

Hunter received monies from Ukraine and China!

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That is what should be investigated. And Joe made a statement to the media today that he NEVER discussed Hunter’s foreign activities. I think Joe and Hunter sould be investigated.

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Don’t forget the Ukraine. Hunter has made out like a bandit and daddy has protected him from possible prosecution.

Fire that prosecutor or you don’t get your 1 billion dollar foreign aid. :roll_eyes:

The man bragged about it in front of cameras.


Because. He. Was. Corrupt.

It was the official foreign policy position of the US and most of Europe. It was not some rogue Biden mission.

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Hunter. and. joe. are. corrupt.


How? Cause someone on the TV told you so?

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He was the one honest prosecutor in the Ukraine and Biden had to remove him. That prosecutor told it like it is, he was an outsider who only cared about what’s doing right for the Ukraine. He was handsome and had a high iq, he knew more about prosecuting than anyone.

Remember, Trump supporters were okay with Trump removing the person investigating him from the FBI. It’s really rather…hilarious. Pathetic? Hmm it’s something.

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