Crazy people should get help and take their meds

This is one issue that is driving me

This crazy lady got hog tied and duct taped. She is crazy and not political party. She may be a symptom of why America is going nuts. Crazy people are allowed out to act up And can refuse to take their meds.

One has to wonder, if this isn’t a remnant of the media attempting to scare the hell out of the entire country throughout this pandemic?

She’d probably have no problem passing a Gun backround check,…so she’s fine.


if she were diagnosed and treated for the illness she has instead of making her into some new aggrieved group by the rest of the mentally ill left, she would not pass and not be allowed to legally purchase a gun

So someone should have their “rights” removed if you don’t like the way they behave. Well, that isn’t the least bit authoritarian, is it? :crazy_face:

Land of the free, until we think someone should be locked up, eh? It’s for their own good, right?

Maybe we should just stop calling them “rights” and just call them “privileges, if you can afford them” instead, eh?

This is a tough one. Who makes the determination of who is crazy? Can you force someone to see a shrink against their will? How do you legally force treatment on someone who does not want it? And what’s the next step? Forced treatment of people “suffering” from Trumpism? The question should be: Where does it end, not where does it begin.

I don’t know how tough it is really. Clearly airline attendants have a psychiatric background in addition to their regular training now. After all, they determined the individual had a mental breakdown and put them on a no fly list. They should have gotten an attorney. I guess it could have been worse. It could have been United.

Clearly they have to be licensed by the FAA. You don’t need an FAA license to walk around town. Who gets to decide if somebody should get “treatment?” And how long will it take before we get treatment based on political views?

It’s called sarcasm. Unless you’re trying to say the FAA requires flight attendants to also be psychiatrists in order to be licensed you’re basically repeating what I just said. Well done.

Sorry. My reply was sincere. It was not intended to trigger you. My question still remains. Who do we trust enough with the power to force meds on someone?

I’m hardly triggered. How does giving anyone the power to force another person to do anything work in a free society exactly? What about that says freedom to you?

It says that we need to be very careful with how far we take this. That’s what it says.

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I can see duct taping her to the seat but not duct taping her mouth. We let babies and children scream on flights, we don’t duct tape their mouths shut.

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I’m torn. I see your point but, I’m not sure I would want her screaming profanities or inducing panic the entire flight. Tough call.

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Well nobody wants to hear profanity the whole flight but they don’t want to hear babies cry either. As for panic, simple, make an announcement that you have a passenger with issues. I just don’t think it’s legal to do it.

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I don’t care about crying babies. I like babies. I know they cry. I won’t melt over it.

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The answer to all of these questions is the courts.

Does anyone travel without noise canceling headphones? I certainly don’t

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She was duck taped to a first class seat (cozy) and sent to a hospital, possibly awaiting assault charges. So she skipped her meds and paid a price for it. All is right in the world.

Addressing the gun grabbing brought up in this thread; see due process used above.

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She apparently bit one of the flight attendants, which might be why she was gagged.

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