Crazy libs going over the edge

You didn’t miss a thing. Great Post! :+1:

Start impeachment proceedings.

And using Congress to punish Trump supporters and there districts.

It’s how libs roll.

United Way likes to make sure only the amounts they want donated to each cause get there.

If you designate your money to go to say St Jude hospital and the amount they want donated to St Jude is already met they will put your money toward St Jude but take someone else’s out to keep the amount where they want it.

Don’t like that, plus their deduction for over head.

I prefer giving directly as well.

Last I checked, no one in my family is running for office, Mr. “Help the Little Guy by Being Bought and Paid for by Corporatists”.

How can one Chamber of Congress “punish Trump supporters and their districts” exactly? :confused:

I think they will pass legislation they would like to see become law - like DACA, for instance. They will also pass legislation on other items on their agenda and increase spending on social programs, environmental programs, education, etc. They will start more investigations into Trump’s corruption. They may start impeachment hearings but I think it’s a stupid idea as I believe Pence is even more dangerous. It’s hard to say though as we don’t yet have Mueller’s report.

I also think they will block Trump’s agenda from getting out of the House.

They will be more successful with the latter because of Presidential veto power.

and they are getting worse day by day… Arguing against de-nuking NK… At least BIll Clinton had it right.

There will be a lot of actual investigations into actual crimes before that happens.

Can you link to all of the libs arguing against having a denuclearized NK?

Perpetual victim.

Hey did you hear Rs lost another special election in Wisconsin yesterday? In a long time Republican district that trump won by a lot.

You seem pretty unhappy about it…

So you made it up. Got it. Typical lib tactic. Lie to try and score political points. Good job lib.

Meanwhile libs new hero Cory Booker is telling everyone if you don’t like prosperity, wage increasing, freedom and safe world then you love America. Those that do like prosperity, wage increasing, our freedoms and safe world don’t love America.

“If this country hasn’t broken your heart, you don’t love her enough,” Booker said. “If you’re not deeply disturbed by what’s coming, you got to check your own love.”

For those who would like some context here.

“If this country hasn’t broken your heart, you don’t love her enough,” Booker said. “If you’re not deeply disturbed by what’s coming, you got to check your own love.”

Booker was speaking at the We The People Summit, a liberal gathering hosted by the Communications Workers of America, a union of those working in media and part of the AFL-CIO.

Booker said Americans share a “common pain” and have lost their “sense of common purpose.” He later added that Americans need to “understand” the country is “one nation, indivisible, with one destiny.”

“Folks are trying to divide us and cut us up, pin us against each other: poor white folks against poor black folks, poor brown folks against poor black folks,” Booker said. “We need to understand this is one nation, indivisible, with one destiny.”

Booker called “patriotism” a “fine word,” but said Americans cannot truly be patriotic unless they love their fellow Americans.

“Some people call it patriotism – that’s a fine word,” he said, “but understand patriotism is love of country, and you can not love your country unless you love your fellow countrymen and women.”


Yeah, he did not say that at all. Pretty weak troll job, even for you.

shocked truly.

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Lost our common purpose?

No…YOU lost yours.

Don’t blame us.

And BTW who’s destiny…yours?


They are not my words. I just gave context to your lame troll job.

Although I do agree with one part. How can you be patriotic and love your nation, if you do not also have love for your fellow countrymen? Even those you may disagree with politically. Something I would ask you to think about, but the hatred is too deep undoubtedly for you.