Cracks in Trump's wall

Republicans have begun to break ranks from Trump supporters as he drags out the process of transitioning from his departing administration to the Biden administration.

OK Republican Senator Lankford has declared that Trump needs to start allowing Biden’s team in on intelligence briefings (Trump has refused), and he will “step in” if it doesn’t start happening by tomorrow:

We’ll see what “stepping in” entails - hopefully something more than wagging his finger in Trump’s direction. Beginning to see more and more Republicans ready to move on from Trump’s drama and begin the process of a) obstructing the Biden administration at every turn, and b) gearing up for four years of Trump tweeting petulantly/playing GOP kingmaker/teasing constantly about disrupting the 2024 GOP primary process.

He’s a never-Trump who should be voted out of office.

I just heard that Chuck Grassley said that Biden should be getting the PDB.

I think the drama has about another week…tops.

Trump lost. The virus has spoken.



Grassley and Thune also join in the chorus to begin the briefings for Biden.

GOP Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine on CNN: “I think that we need to consider the former vice president as the President-elect. Joe Biden is the President-elect.”

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Trump lost. The American people told him he is fired.

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I understand the disappointment that us anti-Democrat voters have, but I don’t understand the machinations that so many are entertaining. I’m sure there were instances of fraud and irregularities in races, but consider the logic - Democrat operatives not only rigged the election in Biden’s favor, but also rigged the down ticket races to ensure there wasn’t a “Blue Wave” just to throw off suspicion? That’s a full season’s worth of episodes for an X-File’s reboot.


Voter ID to prevent this nonsense works for me.


I’d support a national voter ID initiative, 100% free of charge, or something along those grounds. Progressives will never convince me that millions of people are disenfranchised when every other facet of our lives requires legal identification.


Good news.
AZ, WI, MI, and GA all require Voters to show ID.

So since they have those laws, you are good with those counts, correct?


You’re too worried about what I think. :wink:

Agreed. People shouldn’t have to pay money to exercise their Constitutional rights.


You won’t like it when you get it. It is not a national “voter” ID. It is a NATIONAL ID.

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But will it be a Real ID? :thinking:

Im interested in what everyone thinks.

its why I am a member of political forums.

so - States with Voter ID laws, you accept those results?

Coolbeans, I’m not. :wink:

It will be real when you get punished for not having it on you.

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Makes sense.

We are seeing LOTS of people on the right now even care how people actually voted. Makes sense they dont care what most people think either.

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