CPAC in Hungary, with Viktor Orban as a Role Model

Academics left unchecked run amok. In the immortal words of Hildawg the Great, it takes a village.

Governors are supposed to be good stewards of the public coffers. They have a responsibility.

Who should set curriculum? Politicians or plumbers?

That’s why I say largely, but that Universities are not there to spread their (professors) ideologies. If taxpayers are paying, and students are paying, then they expect to get an education that is fitting. If the University becomes hostile to a significant faction of students because they are LGBQT+, or because they choose not to celebrate LGBQT+; or if say the liberal arts school is only accepting teachers with a specific world outlook, then the state administrators may have to step in and see that all students in the state are getting their moneys worth.
For the most part, I want someone with experience teaching math to make up the lesson plan for math class.

Are you ■■■■■■■ serious? Quoting the BNP?

Is that really what you consider a reliable news source.

I am actually staggered by this. What next ? Will we start talking about the intriguing and interesting ideas that Stormfront has?

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Its not like its a “Mussolini made the trains run on time” reference either.

In a thread about racial mixing he quotes a neofacist party that violently opposed mixed race relationships.