CPAC in Hungary, with Viktor Orban as a Role Model

You’re quoting the BNP?

An overtly facist party as a source?

In a thread about far right racism.

A party who wanted to outlaw mixed race marriages.



Government control of universities is not a conservative value.

Sure it is…when conservatives are running the government.

At least…today’s “conservatives”.

:rofl: He’s critting them back!

How about these?

Where he loses my support is commenting on not wanting a “racially mixed” society.

But that’s a feature, not a bug.

This statement should tank support from most normal Americans. But conservatives are a different breed.

Can’t have fascism with race mixing.


By the rationale of some individuals, this amazing man couldn’t be a part of German society:

He’s helped many find pain relief through this ancient discipline. He grew up in and has taught marshall arts. He tried a German civilian life, IIRC, in the financial sector. He mastered not only his parents’ native Vietnamese, but German, English, French and Romanian.

Why not?

Don’t want us no racial mixing in Europe we’re into white and Christian, not what you can accomplish


Tell that to Ron DeSantis.

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marcuse universities

Who does rightfully have control of Universities…especially state funded Universities?

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Yes, I missed the conservative memo that said states shouldn’t control state universities as well.

It depends what you mean by “control.” At the college level, curricula should be controlled by professors and university officials, not politicians.

Historically, professors were paid by students. Those who taught well were paid well. Others, not so much.
Universities are not there for the benefit of the teachers, nor for the benefit of their pet ideologies.
Other than that, I would agree.

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Uh no.

You think Gavin Newsome should be able to dictate the curriculum at UCLA? Come on, man.

“Professors and university officials” have proven themselves untrustworthy.

Unlike politicians. :smile: College students are adults, they can make their own decisions about college without government holding their hands.

Mmmmm. No reason to cancel their debt then. Good.

No reason indeed. That’s nothing but a giveaway to wealthy Americans.