CPAC in Hungary, with Viktor Orban as a Role Model

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Sounds like what Democrats are pushing in this country. Biden even exploited the killings recently to complain about not letting the right use the internet. Schumer tried to get Fox to ban Carlson. Dean, former head of the DNC says the entire Murdoch family should be expelled from the US because Fox News is dangerous.

Oh, you mean in Hungary.


You are clearly not looking. Orban proudly proclaims this ■■■■■

Packing the courts? Seriously? Each political party in this country selects its own like minded judges. We were Selina and Manchin away from the Democrats adding New Democrat seats to the Supreme Court.
Yeah, gerrymandering is a word I am sure was created in Hungary, look it up.
Anti LGBT? That is no more authoritarian than pushing LGBT on those who don’t want it.
Like I said, authoritarianism is just used as a term meaning not pushing leftism.
One of the EUs big complaints was that Hungary was using too many mail in ballots and they aren’t reliable. Sheeesh.


So you see censorship? Or is it that you never bothered to read about the evidence? I don’t wonder which one it is.

You eee how quickly you jumped to blaming democrats instead of trying to think about the question. :thinking:

Latest prog attempt to claim white supremacy

I’ve watched some interviews he has had and can say I’m impressed.

If folks want to preserve their culture and country they have every right to do so.

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Their party is popular with the country according to wiki his party won the most votes since the end of communism in 1989.

The KDNP (Orban’s Party) is is the orange

The media was selling it as a tight race according to the polls before they crushed them.


Oh, don’t believe 'em.

None of them supported the Iraq war, none of them know what Q-Anon is, and now Orban is a complete mystery. :roll_eyes:


I fear that Republicans will not pay attention to how many of them are leaning towards authoritarianism until it is out of control. Orban said some really bad things at CPAC and got a lot of applause.

Meh. Too many of 'em just don’t care. Trump taught us that.

Democrats then.

Those goals align perfectly.

You seem confused.

Yes, the state-approved themes among western elites are:

Attack Christians, Open borders, and Groomers’ rights.

Orban is so out-of-touch. What is the schedule for a CIA-instigated coup?

Hungary is way behind the times:

Could any of these be the reason he’s popular among conservatives?

This is a funny thread.

When confronted with uncomfortable facts about the conservative movement, Hannity Cons tuck into their shells and claim ‘what? Who cares what CPAC does? How is this guy anyway?’


Ok, fine, you want us to believe that as active members of the US conservative movement, you have NO IDEA who this guy CPAC is celebrating is? That’s fine.

But a benefit of engaging in political discussion is learning new things. You don’t know who this guy is that CPAC is clapping hard for? Take a minute and learn about him. This is YOUR POLITICAL MOVEMENT.


Got anything that happened less than 15 years ago?

Note that the gangs are called “Asian grooming gangs”, even though they are almost exclusively Muslims from South Asia and the Middle East. Good grooming used to be a complement. These gangs are not Korean barbers.

“Muslim rape gangs” would be a far more accurate description, but you are likely to go to prison if you say that in Britain.

Hungary has first-hand experience with Muslim slave trade. The idea that Muslims are enslaving non-Muslim girls is hardly a great leap from the recent past.

Don’t look at Orban!

Look over here instead!