CPAC Chairman: Romney wouldn't be safe if he attended

Schlapp must have a pretty dim opinion of CPAC attendees I guess.

Romney is going to be in for a rough few years, at least until the base turns on Trump and claims never to have backed him.


Yeah…there’s so many examples of conservative violence all across the US…certainly…Romney is in danger? I mean…did you see their last get together…with all of those scary guns in Virginia? Shots were heard around the world…amirite…oh wait. :sunglasses:

It’s definitely an odd position for someone like Schlapp to take. I mean his organisation is in charge of security to boot, so it’s not exactly a great advertisement for CPAC is it. Let alone the implication he’s making re: attendees.

He used a very poor choice of words to describe the current situation and the political environment.

Romney will be out of politics before then.

Well, well… what have we here…

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Republican Sen. Susan Collins says she’s getting death threats after her vote to acquit President Donald Trump at his impeachment trial, saying three of them were deemed “credible” and are being investigated.

This is another perfect example of libs freakin out. They talk about applying facts and not feelings but they don’t practice what they preach.

Gotta watch out for those CPAC goons. Watch your knees, folks! lol

Florida Man… Monday

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Are they going to pontificate and pearl clutch him to death? Perhaps chuck Bibles at his shins until he falls over?

Your beef is with the CPAC chairman.

You can ask him why he thinks Romney would be in danger…

I mean, a few good lashings with a Rosary shouldn’t be left out of the possibility pool either. :man_shrugging:

Nahhhh…I brought back a bushel of oysters from the coast and I just lightly steamed a few in the microwave to start my day. I luv everybody. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s not Matt Schlapp.


You’re probably right though.

I personally have found that many people who espouse today’s “conservatism” are all bluster and no action.

Internet Tough Guys all…


I get to be king in two small kingdoms and there’s peace, prosperity and tranquility shared by all. :sunglasses:

The CPAC chairman is just trying to avoid trouble. I’m not saying anything physical would happen to Romney, but considering he’s a traitor to America I wouldn’t be surprised if words were said. It’s impossible to say who would throw out the first punch, if it came down to that, but Romney could very well be the aggressor. His temperament as a Republican Senator is sketchy at best. It might be better if he just stops calling himself a Republican altogether. Democrats love traitors; they can have him.


That is much worse than fake news headlines.


It’s the Mitt the Marauding Mormon Versus the Battling Baptist Brigade!

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I don’t see the Mormon vote in Utah flipping on him. He’s there as long as he wants to be there, imo. And he’s not up till 2024 regardless.