Coward Liz Warren is afraid of Fox news


Liz was offered an opportunity to appear in a FOX town hall as several other democrats have already accepted and done. But of course she declined claiming that FOX “Is a hate for profit racket.” Giving a megaphone to racists and conspiracists. In typical fashion, the thing she failed to provide is the same thing they all fail to provide. An example. Any example of FOX racism and hate. It’s just her stupid words that we are supposed to believe. There is certainly no pattern of racism at FOX. So we are to believe that Martha MacCallum, Bill Hemmer and Chris Wallace are bigots? The same idiot who lied about her race to gain an advantage is accusing others of racism? This lady is a true nit wit. Turning her back on an opportunity to have an audience on the highest rated network in the U.S? Brilliant! It also appears that she is basing her campaign on division and racial politics. Resuming Hillary’s failed deplorables campaign. Again brilliant. She may be the first one out of the race.


I’m sorry to hear that it’s mandatory.


Meh…Not everyone has to go on every network.


i dont blame her at all. fox news is faux ews.
plus i dont think many democratic primary voters are going to bother watching fox. why should she appear and boost their ratings


You just made that up. Liz is free to make unfounded accusations of racism. It’s not mandatory. It’s her choice. A stupid choice. But a choice none the less. I guess she thinks it worked so well for Hillary? :grin:


But somebody with a history of cultural misappropriation should not be throwing out racial accusations without anything to back them up. Her racial past is dirtier than that of Martha MacCallum. Agreed?


Meh… I have been told stories in my family only to find out they are exactly true. Nothing she has said or done has affected me.


OP, it’s not like her appearing on Fox would change your mind about her political views. So what’s with the faux outrage?


It shows admirable and sensible judgment.

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She can accept or deny. That’s her choice.
But. If she uses the excuse of racism and hate, then maybe she should actually be expected to back up the statement? Yes?


If she uses the excuse of racism and hate, then maybe she should actually be expected to back up the statement? Yes?


Why did Fox News drop its catchphrase “fair and Balanced”? There is your answer.

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It is over for her candidacy. She is getting little coverage and no enthusiasm.

I don’t even feel compelled to call her Pocahontas.


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What do you mean by “a history of cultural misappropriation”?


All she, or anyone else, would have to do is post comments made on the FOX News website by people…they are delightful.


He’s talking about the Cherokee Chief thing.


You already know the story. She lied, claiming to be Cherokee.


That’s not an answer that’s a dodge. She accused them of being bigots. I will ask you flat out. Do Martha MacCallum, Bill Hemmer or Chris Wallace deserve to be labeled as haters? It’s a simple question. No code talk, no run around. Just answer it.


Reason why the web admins on that site have to turn off the comments on hot button topics. The racist vitriol is quite disturbing.


Has Warren ever claimed to be a Cherokee Chief? I’d like to see that claim of hers linked if she did.