Covid19 and Ventilators

Does anyone here have any info on the recovery rate for Covid patients who need to be placed on ventilators?

Interesting question…it seem is just prolonging their deaths.

Seems to me they should give em Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine.

Seems to me they’re having much better luck.

Can’t do both?

Initial mortality rates in China for ventilated patients were greater than 90%. Now it varies, but is in the 60-75% range based mostly on Washington State data. My personal anecdotal experience is at the higher end of that range. Not having a ventilator when you need it means you’re dead. Having a ventilator when you need it means you have a 25-33% chance of not being dead.

Just to put it out there…there is no good data showing chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine does anything for outcomes. The only data comes from a small non-randomized, non-controlled, non-blinded French study of I believe 26 patients. Patients who received those medications had lower viral loads although the end clinical outcome (mortality, recovery time) was not documented and the cofounding factors were immense. We know from other diseases (Ebola is a recent studied example) that reducing viral load alone has virtually no impact on outcomes. We give hydroxychloroquine to select moderate to severely ill COVID-19 patients but it is not a magic medicine and I highly doubt it has much impact at all. We already see other hail Mary’s out there such as the BCG vaccine and Ivermectin

They recorded endpoints in the French study.

Those who got the drug recovered on average two days earlier than those who didn’t get it. Adding in a ZPack…100% of the patients recovered two days earlier.

But yes…this is still the only reported study along with the Chinese study where there was no discernible impact. There are anecdotes (the doctor in Kiryas Joel, a few other reports) but nothing firm from the other clinical studies yet. And despite what some posters have said here, the prophylactic study hasn’t even started yet so there is zero evidence taking HCQ as a prophylactic stops one from getting infected.

So the jury is still out as you said.

Thanks guys, for your comments on the various treatments ongoing. Looking for promising news as much as anything. Was hoping to see a higher % of survival for the ventilated, but not poo poopooing the existing %

You have a link to the study? I have not seen endpoints other than viral load.

Here is a good summary which is where my understanding on the matter is.

I would think they are. Those would be the patients that need it most.

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