Covid testing for re entry to USA

There is a new rule for reentry. You must take a test 1 day before arrival to US. Has anyone been through this?

I heard it is fairly cumbersome.

of course it’s cumbersome all such testing is

just walk up from Mexico


Can’t we just claim asylum and get a free flight to the city of our choice?

I am going to the UK in June.

Must have a negative test before leaving quarantine.


And $450,000

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CDC needs to quit publicaly counting cases.

It is now quite counter productive if they wish to get vaccine cooperation.

This is what was done with SARS. Ask Fauci about it.

Hide what is happening in the country.

That’s the ticket.


It is a false metric.

They quit doing this for SARS.

There is no benefit to this.

It does undermine the vaccine. Thank goodness Trump lost or the media would be excoriating him over a leaky vaccine. I have more on this angle.

I think covid is a wee bit more serious than sars.


Not if you are vaccinated.

But if you aren’t and many aren’t it’s serious.


Exactly why counting cases and ignoring natural immunity is the wrong approach.

We knew Biden would screw this up, yet pandemic natural course had to happen under his term so the politics would wash out.

Quite the appropriate mixed blessing.

It’s similar to Canada and yes, I’ve been through it. Their rule though is 3 days, not 1…which makes it a lot easier to comply with. They don’t accept a rapid test and the molecular test normally takes over 24 hours to get the results back so…how can someone reasonably comply?

It is 1 day! They changed it due to omicron.

Here’s the law for reentry effective January 6.

Is it the test itself viewed as “cumbersome”?

I’m only interested in positivity. And even then I know there are false positives.
While libs laughed, Trump was right… the more you test, the more cases you will find even as the disease subsides. Arithmetic… hard for libs.

Uk requires a pcr testing negative.


There are also false negatives:

The rapid test is supposed to be quite reliable in testing for positives, but not so reliable when the results are negative.