COVID stimulus idea

Maybe this is in the new deal they are working on?

But, it seems to me, federally funded rapid COVID tests could great things for our economy.

In my state of NJ, you can get the insurance or fed. covered swab test, and results seems o take between 2 and 5 days…no real reason why some people get them faster than others. I friend recently told me she found a place doing the rapid test - got results either on the spot, or an hour later…I forget. But she had to pay out of pocket and it was several hundred dollars, so too expensive for frequent use.

But if the rapid test was no cost to the consumer, that would open up a lot of opportunities for commerce.

This came to mind as I was thinking about trying to plan and event - I don’t want to share too much personal information, but just imagine like planning a b-day party for someone. And the sticking point is, transportation and lodging. How can you safely car pool? How can you safely share a hotel room?

If we had easy and affordable access to rapid tests, it would make the whole thing possible - not 100% safe, but for me, within an acceptable risk level. insist on everyone involved getting a rapid test the day of departure.

The hotels are open, the gas stations are open, the facility that we would host the event at is open…the barrier is safely car pooling and lodging.

As it stands, I don’t think we will do it. And that means a good chunk of change not getting poured into teh economy - as well as of course the social loss of connection.

So, maybe this would be a wise investment of our tax dollars?


A robust testing and tracing system is one of the only ways to get the economy moving again.

At my job we are all getting tested three times a week.

And so you are working, and your work is feeding the economy…

It seems so simple.

Sounds more like a wise thing for the heavily infected states to do with their own tax dollars.

Yeah. TV and movie production is starting back up. Slowly.

Finishing up the thing I was working on before everything got shut down. Working for a couple of weeks then they are finishing it up in Germany because the producers think that it would be easier to get things done there… because Germany has a better handle on the situation.

But I do have work lined up for a thing on Hulu starting in November and going to March… so that is giving hope that we are getting back to work.


The labor union made it a condition that the productions do robust testing before we would go back to work.

They also tried to push liability waivers on us but the Union said no.

Thank you Union leadership for looking out for the health of the workforce.

The states can’t print money.

Your state has no money? :thinking:

Sometimes it sucks living in a red state :man_shrugging:

New Jersey is a red state?

Saying that individual States should pony up for it is cutting one’s nose off to spite their face.

The entity with the resources to do the heavy lifting on this is the Federal government.

Not really. I don’t think any state does this year, short of the federal stimulus money.

And that’s a fine way to do this - send the money to the states and let them develop the program? I think the economies of scale would allow the fed to do it better though, rather than letting 50 states do it alone.

Y’all should temporarily raise sales and income taxes to pay for it. Think there’s enough willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good in your state for that?

On what revenue?

Revenue is so far down, that really doesn’t seem wise.

Sounds like Jersey dropped the ball.

Sounds like Missouri is in even worse shape

I must not have noticed. Things are still fine out here locally.



Through Monday, for the 2020 fiscal year, which ended Tuesday, net general revenue collections were down 6.36% from the previous fiscal year, according to the state’s daily general revenue report.

All states are in teh same boat. Your first wave of COVID misery is still in front of you sed on your case chart. It’s a shame your state didn’t learn from us east coasters. Could have saved yourself some pain.

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It’s actually MO. MI is for Michigan. Like I said, locally, we’re still doing fine. Your map further proves that.