Covid reveals another US vulnerability...consolidated meat supply

Several plants shut down due to virus outbreaks.

The big producers are suffering because even with people stocking up and giving grocery meat sales a bump, it doesn’t make up for loss of restaurant sales.

But the big vulnerability it the fact that meat production has been so consolidated from thousands of players a few decades ago to a few dominant producers today.

There is so much about the current economic system that is so flawed and leaves us vulnerable. So many lessons that can be learned.

I hope we are paying attention.

I suspect we are not.

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I agree.

I used to run a facility in northeast Pennsylvania.

Yes, I acknowledge the risks and problems.

But there is nothing that government either can do or should try to do to remedy it.

If we still had multitudes of small operations, most would likely have been toppled, either by the current situation, the recent worldwide economic situation or both.

A large consolidated company such as mine can survive this situation. A small company cannot.

We are doing are level ******* best to keep these plants clean and keep Americans fed.

There is nothing the government can do that we aren’t already doing ourselves.


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