COVID Relief Bills - the Pork in them - and who's responsible?

Personally I have not followed any of these bills intently but have heard various things here and there, some good some bad. Nonetheless, I thought this would be a good discussion topic. For those who have followed this I look forward to your thoughts?

To be honest I haven’t really paid attention. I figure large percentage of it will go to political paybacks and other special interest…and state bailouts etc with little going to those that have been directed effected.


Porkules, Greek hero of spending … that’s who.

Anything Climate Myth related should be stripped first.

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I haven’t even looked but who wants to bet that the bill isn’t loaded with money to bail out lib states, whose money mismanagement policies in effect long before COVID, now have them close to financial ruin. Since libs are in control of the purse strings, they’ll now vote to place their mistakes on the backs of everyone else and use the pittance paid to some as COVID relief, as their loving reasoning?

So the first COVID relief bill in March was 2.2 trillion and the one in December was 920 billion, and current one is 1.9 trillion, much of which from what I have heard has little to nothing to do with COVID.

$1T of the first ones haven’t been spent.

Looking over it, at least $1.1 T is direct COVID relief (direct payments, enhanced unemployment, assistance to businesses including targeted assistance to hospitality businesses).

An additional $350 M is targeted to give states fiscal relief…this is likely to cause massive disagreement between Ds and Rs because this is where the “why should we have to pay for states who messed up handling their fiscal situation?” complaints will crop up.

For me that question is not the appropriate one. What is appropriate to ask is why we are giving so much to the states because we have evidence their fiscal situation has held up better than expected?

Also I haven’t read up on the links previous posters mentioned that are supposed to show we haven’t spent $1 T of the already passed stimulus money. If that’s true- then why haven’t we and what is it that needs to be spent?

The remaining $500 B does seem to be pet projects unrelated to the stimulus.

If you want to see which media outlets are in the tank for dems, just look at the headlines. If they call it “Biden’s” stimulus you know it’s fake news. Leftist propaganda.

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So, was the 120k over the losses she suffered to her business due to Covid my sister in-law received, direct Covid relief?