COVID fascists on display

Don’t know what to tell you. I provided you with an article with lots of citations. Its you vs most political scientists.

George Costanza from Seinfeld? :rofl:

your appeal to authority is a big fat fail. citations of other people opinions may be what leftist idiots need to know what their opinion is, i have my own.

anarchy is anarchy. it has no government, no structure and no rules. its anarchy.


I’m assuming Brian Stelter, who doesn’t have a nightly show.

You’re right… its your opinion.

ah, of course… the guy who Tucker and Sean fat shammed on air because he wore shorts.

yep, he’s the new object of hate. He is a bit on the smug/annoying side, but he talks a lot about Fox so they in return make fun of his looks and generate hate towards him.

and what you’ve posted are other peoples opinions, people with agendas who need people to see things their way to justify their lunacy.


That’s awesome… you can just single-handedly brush anyway any soft science you disagree with with this technique. Bravo. :clap: :clap:

Then you shouldn’t have corrupted science.


The political scientists who write about the various forms of anarchy are corrupt? Is there anywhere you can’t find a conspiracy?

Isn’t there anything that you libs haven’t corrupted?

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Censor what is illegal for the poster to post. Is it illegal to post erroneous medical information. Leave medical claims alone, unless police file charges.

Is it illegal to make disputed claims about events? Leave election misbehavior claims alone, unless the police file charges.

Strengthen? Gave it to him on a silver platter more like, as long as he gets standing.

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Liberals haven’t corrupted anything.

I’m not in favor of social media censoring anything political, but private companies can do that.

At the directive of the WH and admin.

They even have a list they want social media to target.

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how many forms can “void” have? these morons are trying to define a thing as something its not. instead of accepting their definition you should be asking… why?

anarchy means no government. as soon as you introduce any form of governance its no longer anarchy. as soon as you introduce the first rule into a state of anarchy the anarchy is over. the only question remaining is which despotism will replace it. the despotism of a single ruler to enforce it, or the despotism of the collective.

Progs have corrupted everything they have touched. Like a virus.