COVID Changing the World?

What changes are we going to see moving forward?

I believe major events such as this create greater cultural changes than we may be aware of. Or maybe they uncover already existing latent conditions and speed up (compress) the process.

Think about those major events and look at what happens, civil war, WWII, the depression. The aftermath is usually an opportunity for some.

In this case, one thing I am noticing is “because I said so” isn’t going to work anymore. But there will be those who erroneously believe things will “just go back to the way they were” - I don’t think so.

One example:

I am noticing some subtle changes in my clients’ workforces. Managers and bosses better get on board.

Another thing I am noticing is workers aren’t going to put up with all that micro-managing / surveillance anymore. They learned they don’t need it to produce a quality product.

One change I hope (voluntarily) stays is mask wearing. I know if I’m sick and must travel or go out to the store, I’ll continue to wear one. I think people preparing our food should wear one as well. I actually can’t believe we required hair nets but not masks for people who handle our food.

I also think the hybrid workplace is here to stay…that coupled with voluntary mask wearing, I suspect life expectancy to increase above average over the next 10 years. (Less driving to work, catching sickness at work, stress etc). I’ve been at home for two years and can’t imagine why anyone would want to go back in the office 5 days a week. Like you said, companies are still thriving without the micromanaging of the workforce.


Good post. Would you make masks mandatory for food workers?

I’m thankful for the online school aspect. The more choices, the better.


I see potential change with health care. Smokers are charged premium for healthcare. It will be the same with non vaccinated. They will get asked about their vax status during plan sign up. If not vax, price is higher.

Just as 9/11 change travel and security. Covid 19 will change healthcare.

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I think that a positive thing that has come out COVID is that people are developing a healthy skepticism of the “experts”. When there is enough money on the line you find an expert who supports just about any position.

As far as the military, it is becoming obvious that vaccine mandates are worthless at stopping the spread of Omicron. Fully vaccinated crews are testing positive.

Biden should suspend the military mandates and allow unvaccinated military personnel to return. If he does not, then Republicans should make amnesty and return of unvaccinated military personnel a prime campaign plank.


i’ll be surprised if we ever lift mask mandates. too easy a way to conspicuously control people

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Yes, I think voluntarily wearing masks can be an advantage if you have cold. Sneeze guards for those preparing food probably makes sense, but requiring all the servers to wear masks is overkill in my opinion.

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They’ll use any germ imaginable to scare people into obedience for at least the next 20 years. This is the GWoP, after all. The most important thing is more power and control for the government, with the left firmly planted in the corner of corporate america and gov-sponsored media this time.

All it took was a Jackass in the White House to grab their full devotion. :wink:


a worthless dollar is changing the world more than covid

I would. I think there are more health benefits to mask mandates for food workers than requiring hair nets.

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They will be lifted, but I think people will voluntarily wear them if sick (with anything).

I agree and major universities are signing on faster. Hopefully that brings down the cost.

I suspect most people will ignore them once it is clear that COVID has become just another cold virus.

A danger is that mask rules will stay on the books and will be used for selective enforcement of the laws. People will see their first amendment rights disappear as the government prosecute religious groups or government critics for mask violations while ignore the rules for everyone else.

If that sounds far-fetched, just consider the treatment of people attend Orthodox Jewish services or protesting lockdowns compared to those attending BLM protests.


I’m talking about for school children.

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got no problem with that

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I think a vast majority of the workforce has proven worthy of more respect than they were getting.

Workers are not a problem to be solved, they are a resource to be harnessed.

There has been interesting phenomena going on with bureaucratic regulatory culture since about Reagan as well.

What has happened is we reduced government regulatory requirements, made them less specific. Instead of telling companies “to control this hazard, you shall do 1,2,3,4 and 5 in that order”, the regulator now says “show me how you control this hazard”. A good thing, because government doesn’t know “1,2,3,4 and 5”.

The problem is the companies do waaay too much because they’re afraid it won’t be enough. Not in small part because everybody (especially regulators) are stuck in an old, bad paradigm - zero tolerance for error.

Error is normal.

I wonder what will happen to office space. Company wil reduce office space due to wfh. What will happen to large office buildings? Turn to condo? Apartment?

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I think if omicron winds up being what it is the major companies will bring back their staff.

As for the op i think voluntary mask wearing is here to stay.

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Gotta disagree, online classes suck. No real interaction with classmates, no real interaction with teachers, too many distractions at home.

Also, taking a quiz or test online creates lazy students. Who needs to actually pay attention or read the text when one can easily Google an answer.

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