COVID-19 could cause erectile dysfunction, doc says

Wear your mask.

Or you will be NOT ■■■■■■ for the rest of your life!!!


(Sorry, this one was too good to pass up.) :smile:



Well, that could be a big letdown

I can state having got the coronavirus in early April ( A lot of good people here helped me through it regardless of party) That it has not affected my function in this area. I can’t say the bat virus has improved it but I don’t see any differences. I know I’m just one person but just throwing that out there.

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Makes you wonder why Pfizer was so quick to invent a COVID vaccine.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist…they also make Viagra)

Isn’t that working at cross-purposes then?


You might say they are hedging their bets. They will get you one way or another.

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I’m sure a joke could be made about the deflategate controversy with the Patriots a few years ago in relation to this, but I’ll refrain.

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This thread is rife with comedic possibilities. I’m 69 and so far all the ‘Rona tests I’ve had are neg.
Keeping this excuse in my back pocket.

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I wonder if the doctor sited in the article will take the vaccine.

Seems like a kind of important question that could have been asked?

I can still get it up, its just that instead of blood in there are little bad wings that grew out of the sides and flap to keep it aloft.

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[Laughs in Family of Five]

This news, back in January, would have been the quickest way to get a vaccine developed.

It’s a typo.

Electile dysfunction is the proper answer.

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