Court orders dakota acces pipeline shut

a huge win for the tribes and environmentalists and a huge loss for the trump administration which issued the permit for the pipeline

the pipeline ships 40% of north dakotas oil

and fo rthose that complain the judge that ordered teh shutdown is an “obama judge” he was confirmed 96-0 so its pretty obvious neither side had issues. hes also teh judge that ordered the release of hillarys emails

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President Donald Trump granted the permit in 2017 over the objections of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and environmental activists, arguing the oil spills could contaminate their water source and put their culture at risk.

The court ruled the pipeline be shut down pending a full environmental review ordered previously.

“The Corps had failed to produce an Environmental Impact Statement despite conditions that triggered such a requirement,” the court ruling stated. “Although mindful of the disruption such a shutdown will cause, the Court now concludes that the answer is yes.”

“Given the seriousness of the Corps’ NEPA error, the impossibility of a simple fix, the fact that Dakota Access did assume much of its economic risk knowingly, and the potential harm each day the pipeline operates, the Court is forced to conclude that the flow of oil must cease,” the ruling said.

This makes perfect sense. They were required to prove that no environmental harm would come to the water supply for this tribe and they didn’t fulfill that requirement. Screw em. No one is above the law.

I worry about fracking doing the same thing. It’s a huge risk and I would never have gone along with it if I were king?

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Fracking is a perfectly safe process. There is a lot of nonsense talked about hydraulic fracturing and it’s effects.

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the number of votes he got getting confirmed is immaterial. Republicans are not democrats. In most cases they affirm the justices a democrat President nominates. Only in unusual circumstances or extreme choices is it otherwise.

Further, this is not a win for greenies, its a pause. As soon as the corps does its due diligence, the oil will flow.


My fear is an earthquake that cracks a fissure from where the chemicals are below ground, up to the fresh water supply.

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My guess is if they reroute the line to actually go onto the reservation and paid some kind royalties, the concern about the water would go away.


The chemicals that go into a fracking injection remain secret…so we don’t know this is true.

a couple of questions then

how much more are you willing to pay for gasoline or heating your house.

as building pipelines gets more and more expensive due to delays the costs will shoot up.
if DAPL stays shut that means oilgets shipped by truck and rail which is more dangerous.
DAPL is actually running along the same corridor that a pipeline has been operating for decades (nothern borders pipeline now owned by oneok)

you say you’re opposed to fracking. what do you suggest instead? us being almost totally reliant on foreign oil?

most fracking is done in seismically stable areas

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ask merrick garland about that

Isn’t fracking causing seismic instability? IMO it’s a very real concern and it affects all of us.

unusual circumstances and previous precedent both. get over it

Well you have to make sure you have done a good cement job around the casing to stop the wicking of fluids. To be honest I would be more worried about disposal of the return fluids.

■■■■ talks, money walks.

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Not i the landman does a good job and they do good geophysics and geotechnical work it shouldn’t be an issue however a lot of the rush for cheap shale oil has been done by corner cutters. This price bust has shown what a sort of three card Monte shale oil really is and what sort of people have been involved now I am not talking the likes of Oxy, Hess or Exxon but I mean the small operators who put profit over standards

No, there was no previous precedent. At no point in American history has a Supreme Court nominee been held up for almost a year until a new President was voted in.

Thank you for the honesty. I truly question the risk all of us have to our fresh water supply, for the huge financial reward shared by the few.

Nope because McConnell has already said if the same situation happens this year, he’s nominating someone and the Senate will confirm them.

Politics, not unusual circumstances/precedent.

From the article: “The decision marked the end of a yearslong legal battle over the Energy Transfer Partners-owned pipeline’s environmental damage to the Missouri River.”

  1. This is not a suit over any environmental damage to the Missouri River. There has been none.
  2. This is hardly the end, as the hold on the use of the pipeline until a more detailed review that conforms to the judges desires is performed will be appealed.