Court blocks another Trump attempt to undermine Obamacare

In a blow to Trump and his attempt to repeal ObamaCare, the court’s decision hits a Labor Department rule designed to make it easier for small businesses to band together and buy health insurance in so-called association health plans – one of the Trump administration’s initiatives to weaken Obamacare by offering alternatives to the exchanges.

I guess Trump’s gotta figure on a new strategy.

obamacare has undrmined itself from the beginning. Don’t believe me,

ask the 2020 dimocrat candidates.

What’s a “dimocrat”?

If you have to ask…

They play baseball in Baltimore.

It leaves me scratching my head. Why wouldn’t it be allowed in Obama care for a group of small businesses to group together to get a better deal on health insurance for their employee’s??

I mean, isn’t the goal of Obamacare to lower the cost of healthcare for people??

But nooooo, this takes away from our exchange, so the exchanges won’t get as much money–we can’t have that.

Unbelievable crazy!

And the hits keep coming…

Although I am not in support of the ACA, it has some excellent points in both preexisting conditions and allowing children to be on your policy until 26. Both should be implemented in what ever insurance is agreed upon. I sure wish though, that the government would attack the reasons for healthcare being so costly and not just attempt to distribute the wasteful expenditures among those who can afford it the most.

May not be a problem much longer.

That isn’t very likely.

And anyway, does anyone really believe Republicans are going to make health care great with even better pre- existing coverage. Do people really believe trumps pie in the sky promises.

Where’s your Mexico financed wall. Why is the swamp not drained. Why is Hillary free to roam the world? Where’s that second middle class tax cut? When did he become more presidential than any other president?

It’s not? It being a tax is what saved it last time, there is no longer any tax associated with it.

That doesn’t make any sense. Calling the individual mandate a tax saved the individual mandate. Not having a tax does not mean the entire bill somehow becomes unconstitutional.

Oconner’s ruling doesn’t make any sense and has been criticized by all sides.

Then why are democrats running around with their hair on fire claiming Trump is going to kill millions by taking away their ACA?

Good politics. Trump has provided them campaign fodder.

Ah so they are lying?

Where did I say that? You’re better than that.

No, they’re not lying. He is trying to end the ACA. He’s just unlikely to succeed.

The ACA may not be but healthcare sure is. “We” have to figure this one out. Those that don’t have insurance are still receiving their healthcare but through the emergency room, which is much, much, much more costly to taxpayers. Illegal aliens cost us billions in free healthcare and when their baby is delivered at no cost in the hospital, the child is now a citizen. Unnecessary tests are now being called for by doctors to one…cover their butt in a courtroom plus to receive the additional revenue since there’s been cuts in so many other areas. There are many facets to this problem that need to be addressed but this can has been kicked down the road by chicken ■■■■ politicians for decades.

This post is so absurd and contradictory I’m amazed that you expect people to take you seriously for any reason ever.

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Please elaborate…how is it absurd and contradictory?