Counterfeit Vaccination Cards From

This is a problem. Guess where they came from…


Well it looks like everybody’s vaccinated. See how easy that was.


I would imagine were everything else good is coming from China. whether its fentanyl, Covid, ethnic cleaning, genocide, concentration camps, cheap outsourcing, communism, pumping out more emissions than the world combined. In the not to distant future they will make the former Soviet Union look tame in comparison as an adversary.


Good, this did deserve a thread of it’s own.

This will be even easier to get into bars than it was with a fake ID. How old you look isn’t going to play a role.


Will the state respond? Think mandatory app on our phone with authentic vaccination status.

Defund the card checkers …

Heh. Good one

I’m not sure what you mean by mandatory? We’re not even mandated to have a cell phone let alone an app on the phone.

If the current mandate has holes, will there be fixes?


I’m sure there will be. I’m also sure certain entities might require an app on your phone for admittance. I’m just not sure bars or restaurants will. My issue was your statement about the state mandating an app on your phone. That’s never going to happen.

What about it? Like before, this virus will make its rounds. Florida is just the beginning.

Umm, already has, where do you think your amber alerts come from?

I have never once got an amber alert on my phone. But I do get weather alerts. But who cares about that? Is someone going to put my vaccination status on my phone? Purposely go out of their way and do me a solid? Have at it, I don’t care. Because that’s the only way it’s getting on my phone.

You are sufficiently surveilled, the NSA has five years of your meta data and geo location data. That we know about.

If vaccinations are worthless, who the hell cares?

If vaccinations aren’t worthless, and people are vaccinated, who the hell cares?

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That was my guess where they were produced.

I’m one of those weird people. If anyone is tracking my phone then they see it go to my job and back to home. Rinse and repeat. I literally never take it anywhere else.

as long as you don’t have to present one in order to vote…

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Even the dumbest person in America should have saw this coming. Hey your boy, Stumblin Joe, has got it handled like everything else he and his liberal One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier administration screwed up. And the CDC can go ■■■■ themselves.