COUNT EVERY VOTE = Dilute every Republican vote

Notice that the call of Democrats and their media is “Count Every Vote” rather than “Count Every LEGITIMATE Vote”. Now recall that Democrats always oppose attempts at making laws which would protect the integrity of the election system, and they’ll use the lamest excuses for why these attempts can’t be made. The fact is, Democrats seems to have no care whatsoever in protecting the integrity of the process, and this is made even more obvious by the way Democrats and their Media do not condemn the travesty that is going on in Broward County Florida.

Why is it that late vote counts ALWAYS move the count in the Democrat’s favor? What is the statistical chances that this would be the case if fraud were not going on?

How did the Democrats take over the House of Representatives in a fabulous economy after the Black community went from 16% approval for Trump to 32% approval? Is the Anti-Trump Attack Dog Media REALLY that effective? I want polls to be taken in black communities where the election between the Republican and the Democrat were “close”. We need to find out what percentage of the black population would have voted for the Republican, and compare that to how the vote count percentage for black people came out.

I think we are being played. I think that if we could see election results with ALL voter fraud removed, the Republicans would still be in charge of the House of Representatives and might have even gained seats, and there would be 55 or 56 Republican Senators, and less that 7 Governors would have changed from Republican to Democrat.

How about the Republicans do something in the lame duck session which gives voters confidence that voting isn’t just a game where the swamp sees how much they can get away with?

What would make me confident of the results is:

Paper Ballots with Chain of custody laws - any votes which fall out of the chain of custody don’t count, and fines are issued to the people responsible for not letting this happen.

No early voting - don’t give the Democrats a heads up as to the turn out, so they can’t guess at how many fraudulent votes are needed. This also forces any fraud to be committed all on one day, which would be hard to pull off with actual paper ballots. If some people can’t make it that day, oh well, the vote count should still be statistically reliable. Not having my vote diluted with fraudulent votes is more important than whether or not I make it to the pools. Confidence that they system isn’t rigged is more important than convenience.

No provisional ballots - integrity of the system is far more important than accommodating people who don’t care enough about voting to get registered in a timely manner.

A watch system.

Solve the “No Controlling Authority” problem - Criminal penalties for those who try to defraud the voters.

Those who oppose integrity for the process, are exposing themselves as pro fraud.

You do realize that the recount was automatically triggered due to Florida state law?

Why is it Republicans are ALWAYS victims.

If the Democrats have so much power that they can rig elections across the United States then how come they did not get Hilary in the WH?

Republican/Conservative Posters on this forum have the audacity to call others snowflakes yet they are the biggest snowflakes of all. Every single freaking time they run around and talk about how they are victims and being persecuted.

I thought the Republican Party lauded the value of personal responsibility? How about stepping up and admitting these close elections are because Republicans and Trump failed to have a message that resonated with those they were targetting?

Oh and can you explain why suddenly Trump and the likes of Hannity are not talking about the invasion of illegals anymore?


It’s their identity now. “We’ve lost 'Murica!” “Christians are being openly persecuted!” “It’s okay to be racist against whites!” “I can’t wear my MAGA hat without someone being mean!”

Democrats deliberately lost the 2016 election because they knew Donald would destroy the GOP and conservatism. Soros financed the whole thing. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

“SO not true. Rigged election! We were cheated! the lib mob media is out to get us!”

Because fearmongering season is over. Look for another slew of “THE BROWN HORDE IS COMING” rhetoric as we inch closer to 2020.

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A recount verifies the validity of every ballot with bipartisan oversight… that’s the whole ■■■■■■■ point.

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LOL ao true.

if Republicans lose then it must be voter fraud. No other possilbity exists in their reality.

What a bunch of crybaby horse manure. Is this how it’s always gonna be now? Never accept defeat, just pivot to conspiracies and excuse-making? Your party is doomed with such a strategery.

Not one confirmed incident of voter fraud in any state yet but the CEC is ALL IN on it.

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Supervisors of elections who are not following the law, is the main reason so many people are upset about all of this.

Seems as if Democrats would prefer that there were no laws in place to govern how ballots are cast, counted and recorded. Just let the voters go to the polls, and let the various precincts and County Supervisor of Elections come up with their results a week or so later.

Why even have voting laws? Who needs voter confidence in the voting process?

The reason Republicans are upset about this is because they are afraid of losing. Zero evidence of fraud or tampering in Arizona and our PRESIDENT was on Twitter demanding they stop counting votes. Try being outraged about that for a minute.

I love the rigged elections theory of 2016.

You have an organization that is so good that they can rig up 3 million illegal votes, to this day keep all involved completely quiet about it, and leave behind no evidence that would stand up in a court of law.

And yet this same organization would be so dumb as to put all those votes in one state where they would have to know they wouldn’t make any difference?

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It’s simple. There is a set election process that must be followed, controlled by state election laws. The laws are being ignored, and the process is being undermined. It’s a simple black and white issue, and has nothing to do with politics, or who you think is winning or losing.

I don’t care which candidate wins or loses in Florida. One senator, or one governor, who cares? Not me. In fact, if I were to predict an outcome if the dems win. I think the Republican voters feel the process was corrupted, and this will only motivate a larger Republican turn out in 2020.

Why does the GOP try to restrict early voting? Or reduce the amount of places to vote? The reason the late votes usually come from high population areas which is dominated by Democrats. Counting 50000 votes is easier than 2 million

I had not heard that there was a problem with the number of Florida voting locations, early voting or otherwise. The Supervisor of Elections are in charge of hiring poll workers, setting up and equipping poling places, etc… Everyone else can follow the election laws and procedures, why does it always seem the same one or two counties always violate the law?

Democratic Party members know to put mail into a mailbox.

Republican Party members dont.

Its that simple,


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oh scary thought LOL.

you think the dumb will remember 2018. They prolly dont even know what they ate for breakfast this morning.


I would love to go back to having go to the polls to vote.

Not because I miss those days but to put some integrity back into voting.

You miss the days of going to the polls to vote? You can still do that, you know?

Hell yea. Nothing screams integrity like disenfranchising millions of voters because they can’t get to their polling place on election day.

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Your previous post says otherwise