Couldn't Help But Laugh At This One

Any website that focuses on disadvantaged whites is a white supremacy site.

None of those articles says whites are superior or that they should be in superior positions of power. Therefore your assertion of white supremacy appear to be unfounded. In fact, the articles you selected seem to be more anti radical leftists, so perhaps you should just refer top them as that, pending any support for your allegation.

I mean, you can mis-read them if you want.

Have you noticed we have some very persistent new trolls in here?

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What’s the problem? We have some very persistent old trolls here.


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Very well. One articles describes how Rutgers has programs in support of illegal aliens. That article basically just describes what those programs are. You may favor those programs. I do not. I see being in the country under no legal right as a disrespect for our laws regardless of the race involved. But please explain how telling about Rutgers pro illegal alien policies is proof of white supremacy.

People who are against illegal immigration aren’t against it because of “laws.” And given that I was suspended last time I dared speak about race and the conservative media empire, I’ll leave it at that.

You’ve made yourself clear. You’re one of these people who find any exception to your leftist programs to be “racist”.

I am not allowed to respond.

So it’s just like every other news outlet on the planet, understood.

Nope. It promotes white supremacy.

Pray tell, who isn’t against illegal immigration. Progressives take the position that certain immigration restrictions are bad and should therefore be lifted, making other illegal immigration legal.

At least 99.9% of the time it is. It is not a necessary truth though.

“Laissez-faire capitalism” indicates a possible Objectivist.