Couldn't Help But Laugh At This One

Saw it yesterday on Fox. Here’s another link

I don’t know, actually, if it calls for laughter or being grateful I haven’t been in college in years. The students were actually pretty reasonable during that time period.

Can anyone tell what race has to do with being told one’s shorts are too short? Or the professor’s advice to dress for the audience to which one is communicating?

Not sure what year of studies this student is, but maybe the professor is trying to teach the idea that you dress for the job you want, this period of life is going by very quickly. I guess I’m out of touch and that is a racist, gender discriminating idea in the 21st Century.:crazy_face:


Sorry, bad links anywhere I look.

The student’s name is Letitia Chai should you guys want to look it up.

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This is a white supremacy site in case anyone cares about such things being posted here.

It doesn’t. Nor should have to do with body size. It does have everything to do with school policy though.

She cannot prove that it has to do with racism, and it’s illogical to think as such. I think she’s just playing the race card, in all honesty.

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Actual racism is so hard to find that these poor kids are being instructed by the narrative to make up some where none exists. Imagine how angry she will be once she realizes she has been used like this.

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You think racism is hard to find?

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You mean If this was a white supremacist cite, then you wouldn’t be able to speak. The very fact that you can say that means that Sean welcomes opinions from all sides of the spectrum, and from all walks of life. Sean does not actively promote white supremacy nor does he endorse it. He has never said, “Get that black boy! Kill him!” or “Good for him; he killed a black guy” or anything like. that.

No Campus Reform is a white supremacist site, not hannity.

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Ohh okay. My bad :sweat_smile:

I hadn’t realized that.

They seem to be posting pretty much te same story about this students as other sites.

Not familiar with the site as I hadn’t been before.

any evidence to back up that assertion, other than it being a conservative news site run by students?

The numerous articles advocating for whiteness while vilifying other races.

In other words, you don’t like the articles so it must be a front for _________(insert current outrage here).

Have you told this guy?


He’s the editor of the site

Often times presentations are seen as prep for the real world. Would she go on a job interview dressed in cut off Jean shorts? Doubtful. IMO she should have understood that thesis presentations are professional presentations…and as such she needed to dress appropriately.

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Googling the student’s name took me to a NY Post article. According to them Ms. Chai went through a practice run of her thesis defense wearing her denim shorts, and her female professor remarked that it might invite the male gaze/attention away from her presentation and onto her body (that’s a paraphrase). Some of the students agreed more professional attire would be more appropriate, and Chai stormed out. At her actual thesis presentation she stripped down to her underwear, and several students did likewise in solidarity.

Personally, I feel like for a trial run of her thesis presentation it wasn’t entirely necessary for her to dress as anything other than the student she is, but for the actual presentation she needed to opt for at least business casual. Nothing here for her to be personally offended about, and to elevate it into a protest was silly.

Just as I’m uncertain how the professor’s being white is related to remarks like “dress to showcase your presentation and not your body”, how did running around in leggings, cut off shorts, with one’s underwear showing out of a tank top, in other words, not concealing much, get to be a mark for women’s lib?

Going to a job interview in something that’s inappropriate for the occasion, or even a formal event if you’re already employed, and wondering why you’re not advancing in your chosen career is liberating? Ok…

When did this idea gain so much acceptance?

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it has nothing to do with liking or disliking articles. The site puts forward pro-white and anti-non-white articles (most of which are propaganda or distorted).

Why is this hard for you to understand?

How are articles advertising a course about disadvantages whites have in their culture, or fighting “implicit bias” in STEM fields, racially or ethnically biased?

One of these articles links to a femal professor who rightfully asserts to continuously recruit specifically women for STEM fields rather than allowing natural interest & competition backfires. This is biased…?