Could trumps tax bill cost the gop seats in the house and senate?

Trump tax bill caps deductions on state and local taxes. Which will hit blue states harder. Causing people to move. Usually to states like Texas and Florida. Could this be enough to tip the scales???

No, certainly no liberal would move to avoid high taxes, right? That would be hypocrisy.


No, that wouldn’t be hypocritical.

You mean when they move from high tax blue states to low tax red states and the cap won’t effect them AND they will pay less red state taxes than blue state taxes?

That sounds like some might be converted to red state way of thinking.

I live by the beach and dont pay high taxes.

Yes, it would… Voting for high taxes then, leaving to avoid paying them.

?..and There are almost no moderate dem’s anymore. The dem party is going full socialist, if you ask me… …

If they run up against a democratic supporter of low taxes, gun rights, strong border enforcement and doesn’t play racial games all the time then maybe. Don’t count on it though.

Which democrats are advocating the government seizing control of the means of production?

In this case, it’s the GOP tax bill that is raising people’s taxes.

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All of the Texas reps who represent border districts are against the wall.

Healthcare for all.
Publicly funded college.
Infrastructure investment.
Paid family leave.
Paid child care.

Oh so scary and socialist.

The green new deal ones will… eventually.

Yet it doesn’t.

Sounds like the promises made by Hugo Chavez…

Trump has made at least 3 of those too!

Hugo is cool, like Trump?

Infrastructure is something that both parties can agree on. Who is writing the bill? Stop talking and start walking.

Healthcare? Everyone is allowed to have health care. What they really want is to force you off of your insurance plan and on to a government plan. I prefer my own insurance, so I’m going to opt out. Just as the politicians prefer their plan and are opting out.

How is that hypocritical?

Ok. Then democratic Senate candidates in red states should run against it. I highly encourage it.

Or basically every developed nation.