Could This Have Been Handled Differently?

In the U S and Italy in particular, the majority of those hospitalized, progressing to ICU and death, had underlying conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Smoking and lung disease appear to play a large part, and risk of death from the new form of Coronavirus appears to increase with age in other studies.

Should different precautionary measures have been advised , rather than restricting the activity of healthy individuals? Maybe encouraging furlough, but not forcing the issue, on those employees over 50 and/or suffering from conditions like asthma and diabetes, rather than costing a significant percentage of Americans their jobs?

Maybe encouraging services like home delivery and wearing masks to the same populations rather than encouraging all to stay home if you can and engendering many small business closures?

Hunger worldwide has increased with such movements as social distancing and economic shutdowns. Is this one size fits all approach to medicine really working?

I think…and I’m sure all young people and millennial will agree with me that all those over 55 should retire with mandatory 2000 dollar a month pension from goverment. No questions ask.

What do you all say about that?

You share the wealth, you protect the elderly and all those high end jobs that we’re taking opens up for next younger generation.

Do you realize how many Americans have these comorbidities?

And how many have them and don’t know it.

That means you younger people have to pick up the slack…make sure the food hits the grocery stores, cows get milked, lumber mills continue to operate, business to run, medical care etc.

Can you young folks do all that?

I’m 52 and think furlough and services like home delivery should be offered or encouraged on those over 50/with chronic conditions, but not forced. But now that you’ve asked can the young handle the jobs and responsibilities left behind by their elders, I think not

Yes, it’s an old article, and there are young men moving out of the house and working, traveling, enjoying interesting experiences and even marrying. It does appear many, though, are content to live in their parents’ home, and/or coast on Unemployment Insurance.

IMO This one size fits all approach to medicine isn’t helping anyone, and economic shutdowns will more likely starve already vulnerable populations worldwide. Yemen is just one example

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That’s scary about those young men…what the ■■■■ did we do to our society…better question what did libs do to our society?

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