Could this finally be the formation of a viable 3rd Party?

Especially when (based on the cast of characters starting up this thing) they’re a lot of establishment government creatures. Seems they would be more likely to be “let’s-hold-back” politicians.

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It would just divide the gop and throw 2024 to the dems which is almost certainly the goal.

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From the link in the OP:

Public reaction on Twitter was swift. Many Democrats on the social media platform expressed fear that the new party will siphon more votes away from Democrats, rather than Republicans, and end up helping Republicans in close races.

Ostensibly a pipe dream that around 67% of the people want:

The new party is being formed by a merger of three political groups that have emerged in recent years as a reaction to America’s increasingly polarized and gridlocked political system. The leaders cited a Gallup poll last year showing a record two-thirds of Americans believe a third party is needed.

Nonetheless, I will completely agree that until they actually win seats in the House and Senate they will not be taken seriously.

Sure. And then somebody will say “hey folks, what do we think about abortion¹?”
And the whole thing will fall apart again.

¹or gay marriage, or guns, or…

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Yeah, not likely a name that will catch on. I probably would have went with something like the United Party.

It’s a lot harder than one might suppose. @WuWei and I put some effort into coming up with a third party name and all the names came up short for one reason or other. This was a genuine effort, we really tried.

Bring back the Whig party.

It would be pro Drag Queen

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GOPer has-been and never was types (the kind recruited to the LP under the former GOP lite leadership) are going to be part of the make up of this outfit in addition to fifth tier Dems. This will give a place for the former looser brigades in the LP to feel at home.

Andrew Yang is an authoritarian climate change zealot that seeks to ban private car ownership, along with imposing the standard progressive Green New Deal dystopian wish list. Pass.

Good thing he is starting his own party.

The dems are so crazy right now i think it would be risky to go 3rd party and throw the election to them.

They are so crazy now it’s just not a good time to risk it.

I did vote 3rd party once because i disrespected McCain (the politician so much.

Didn’t realize how bad Obama was going to be yet either.

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Sounds like a real pig.

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Yang is a futurist. A technocrat.

He was talking about in the future with autonomous cars that personal ownership of cars would not be necessary because the transportation could be ordered on demand and paid for on a ride by ride or subscription basis.

It isn’t a new idea and he didn’t come up with it.

It is never going to happen in my lifetime.

It’s the exact same thought process that every single Democratic politician has on climate change. Top down, collectivist control, nothing more. I can’t think of worse solution to transportation in a post-pandemic world than forcing filthy, unsanitary public transportation onto an entire nation, but I’m sure progressives will have even worse ideas down the line.

Yang is starting his own party.

Anyway… to tackle climate change there will have to be government investment in the next generation of energy production and limits set on emissions.

The free market is not going solve it.

Yang’s idea about cars is dumb and unworkable