Could Spacex open the door to mining asteroids to help pay down our debt?

Was thinking about how our society progresses in technology and next steps. Asteroid mining is the next trillion dollar business and America has the opportunity to get into it now before anyone else. If we do, what could this do to our growth as a country and the benefits from that.

Just lol that our debt is such that mining asteroids is on the table as a solution.

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Yeah haha. But do you think it could help speed up paying off debt along with cuts?

SpaceX would lobby or otherwise utilize the existing US corporate tax structure to orchestrate a 0% liability. I do not think this is a game changing idea.

It wouldn’t be enough to pay down our debt. We spend too fast and that would be a reason to spend faster. Dumping precious metals on Earth like that will also devalue them.

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That being said, we should absolutely flood every corner of the Earth with these precious metals the moment we’re able to. Imagine gold being plentiful enough to replace copper.

Not to mention how far we are ahead of other nations. This is the next “space race” and like the last one this will lead to innovation to fuel the future generations to come. All of it private sector too!

…or we could cut 5% off the top of government spending. Tell the department heads to come up with where the 5% should come from.

As I have said many times, it is simply silly to speak of “paying down the debt” or even fiscal accountability.

The Federal Government has its magic money machine.

They can print money ad infinitum.

But the price of that magic money machine is debt.

Not just government debt

But private debt.

The more debt the better.

The magic money machine requires debt. Debt is food for the magic money machine. Remove debt and the whole house of cards collapses.