Could it be? A sighting!

I just saw Avergbear liked a bunch of my recent posts. Is he back???

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Nuh uh!

Wasn’t him. :frowning: Just a honey pot.

I saw a poster with that name!

His tag line is, “the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” or something. I asked if it was him but no reply so far.

If it is, that would be great news. I genuinely missed that old fart.

If it’s not, they should have to change screen names. There are certain jersey numbers that would be retired.


He had a memorable posting style. It wouldn’t take long to find out.

Ask him about $7 gas prices…



I never saw him like a post. He only thought about his own posts. I don’t think it’s him.

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I wonder if Throw Cop’s the real deal.


Yeah, I pretty much agreed with Bear on . . . well, nothing political, but he seemed genuine and would be a welcome addition to the board. If this isn’t him, then using his name is disrespectful, IMO, and shouldn’t be allowed. The image of a jersey retirement is fitting.

Sorry doesn’t work that way

In the rules, it says impersonations are against TOS.

I guess one would have to prove it’s an impersonation.


Yup, and if so, the only thing that could be done is removal of the death exaggeration thing.

I hope he is doing good, he is a living legend.

Interesting remark. I don’t recall you being so kind to him while he was here.

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He was a wacky poster, but it’s fun to have those around.

Btw, I can’t find his profile. Did it get deleted?

I don’t agree with him but I respect everyone who post on this website.

That has not always been apparent.


Sorry, this doesn’t even make sense to me.

TOS says you can’t impersonate another poster.

But you’re saying that you can, and that the only thing to do about it is “removal of the death exaggeration thing”?

I don’t understand what that is supposed to mean.


It may or may not be a saying about the other.

It’s a common saying.

BUT in this case it could cause confusion.

I’m sorry snow. Was this an answer to me?

If so, I’m sorry but that post doesn’t make any sense to me, either.

Never mind. I guess it’s above my pay grade.