Could Democrats nominate Maxine Waters for president? (Answer: Yes)

Here’s a serious article from the LA Daily News, saying that Maxine Waters could be the Dem. nominee in 2020, since she is the only one who has the real feel of the Resistance.
How about it, lefties, could you vote for her?

On the Democratic side of the aisle, I challenge you to find a politician or media personality who has better expressed the anger, frustration and rage of the “Resistance” better than Maxine Waters.

Joe Biden? Puh-leeze.

Kamala Harris? No way.

Hillary Clinton? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Nope, the woman who is the biggest rock star with liberals right now is Auntie Maxine. And since she gets their beat, they don’t care if her lyrics are profane or off key.

So, let me say it one final time: it is very possible that in the summer of 2020, Maxine Waters could be the Democratic nominee for president."

Never going to happen but Kamala Harris will though.

Maxine Waters reminds me too much of Trump.

I’ll pass.

Agreed. Even the dems are smart enough not to nominate bat ■■■■ crazy Maxine. Hillary might give it another go but there is no way that She could energize the party like Kamela. If I were Trump, she is the last person I would want to run against.

It’s no big stretch to “guess” the result of a 50/50% question. If you think you are proving a point by suggesting that half was smarter than half, then I’ll just laugh.

I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

I’m saying what you posted previously was without a point.

I agree.

Hell just froze over. :grinning:

It had a point. All the certainty I’m seeing that Waters won’t get the nomination, I saw in the 2016 election that Hillary would win- from people right here on this board. There was no way Trump would win or could win. After that the know-it-all-ism died down a little. Now it’s back.

She’s just fine in the position she’s at right now.

Let’s hope she thinks so. The idea that she could be president is scary.

No your former point had nothing to do with the question posed in the OP. No relation whatsoever.

If you want a confirmation bias go for it, but don’t pretend like one has anything to do with another.

Yes. Since we have shut down all the mental hospitals, congress is the next best place for Mad Max.

You sound drunk. You’re not making a bit of sense. I think I’ll pass on any more conversation with you.

Before 2016, I would have said it’s not possible.

With the election of Trump though, the floodgates were opened to a whole new level of crazy in politics. I’d say nothing is off the table at this point.

It seems to me that this speculation about who might be the Democratic nominee in 2020 is really about the midterms and the GOP doesn’t want to run for the midterms with Trump. They’d rather conjure a possible demon Democrat for 2020 and run against them.

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^^^ Hit nail on head.

Sure they could. Look at the way these Dems in this forum write. They hate Trump so the stronger the Trump hate to more appealing the nominee would be.
Unfortunately (for them) you don’t get extra votes for extra hate in the general.

It will be Sanders or Biden they both are polling way ahead of the rest.

We could do that.

I highly doubt it would ever happen.

But hey, if the Republicans could nominate and elect a semi-senile crotchety old Trump then I guess we Democrats could nominate a semi-senile crotchety old Waters.