Could a surge of late mail-in ballots decide the election?

The Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania is asking that ballots that arrive up to three days after the election be counted even if they do not have a postmark or other evidence that they were cast by election day:

Wolf’s administration is asking the state Supreme Court to order that ballots postmarked by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3 be counted if they are valid and received during the three days following the election. Ballots received during those three days but lack a postmark or legible proof of mailing should also be counted, the administration’s lawyers wrote.

A close vote in Pennsylvania and two other states decided the 2016 election. Governor Wolf is proposing that ballots cast after election night could decide the outcome.

Is this change an open invitation for fraud?

What happens if hundreds of thousands of ballots that go strongly for one candidate arrive without postmarks just before the three-day limit and they decide the outcome? Is the election still valid?

The Postal Union recently endorsed Biden. Could postal workers simply stop putting post marks on mail for a few days after the election to make sure “every vote counts”?

For background, over 20% of mail-in ballots were declared invalid in the Democratic primary in New York City for these kinds of issues. The issue may be critical to deciding the election.

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this election is going to be stolen.

they know it’s their only hope


I think that the only way there is a reduction in the violence would be if a large Trump victory buries any election tampering.

As far as Pennsylvania, the governor needs to stay with the current rules and emphasize the importance of mailing in ballots early to make sure they count. Changing the rules of the game in the fourth quarter reeks of possible fraud and abuse.

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Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Anything beyond that at this point is pure speculation, and thus any discussion of such can only be hypothetical in nature. I have found such discussions to be nonproductive.

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What I find more disturbing is that we have a sitting president trying to disparage the results of an election 3 months before it even happens. I would have thought such a thing in the US would have never happened. I’m sickened that it has.


they are counting on those last “surprise” ballots which they will go out and harvest in the places they know are heavy democrat (the ■■■■■■■■■ places in the state of course)

mark my words… two, three days after trump wins a state, it will be overturned

democrats will steal and lie and fraud themselves into power. they think they are justified in doing it

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Stolen in the eyes of Trump supporters if he loses. Never can accept defeat graciously.

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hes trying to head off the fraud he knows will be occurring

stacey abrams loves this post

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Stay on topic please.

For the past month now Trump has decried that the election will be stolen, fraudulent.

Mail in ballots have been the norm for a while. And yet now it’s a problem.


See, that’s just the thing. This is a future event. No one KNOWS what will happen in the future. I haven’t met a person yet who can predict the future. Even those who forecast the future (such as weather forecasters) are quite often wrong.

This type of talk before an election is completely irresponsible.


Trump cried foul until he won in 2016, then he miraculously stopped. If fraud was so bad, why didn’t he do anything in 2017? 2018? 2019?


Precisely. He told us for months the election was going to be rigged. If it was rigged, as he claims it was, with him being the victor, what does that say about his presidency?

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Yes it is.

Voting needs to require a date, a deadline, and identification that the voter has only voted once and is who he or she says he or she is.

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not on the scale proposed for this election

absentee ballots however have been the norm.

those arent good enough all of a sudden. why not?

it is completely responsible in fact

A special run-off election in a congressional district in CA ended up in favor of a Republican. The only thing on this board I saw was posters crowing over his victory. No one complained he won via mail in. Or questioned whether the election was fraudulent because of mail ins. Or have a corrupt Post Master General order drop off boxes removed.


The fear and desperation is palpable.

Yes The Donald will likely lose. Because he is an unrepentant liar.

He’s trying to rig and degrade the election process, because the liar knows he is losing.


democrats want to flood the streets with ballots and you claim repubs are “desperate”


upside-down logic universe