Cost of Living and Tax Burden by State: Topic related to living wage

With leftist philosophy, it’s impossible to keep govt small. They want it to fill the infinite wants and needs of everyone…

As I’ve pointed out in the past, ever since the Loons in DC have stopped being Keynesians and become Keystone Keynesians (a transition that was already underway when Nixon opined we’re all Keynesians now) those in government tend to think of bad times as a demand for more spending and good times as an opportunity to spend more.

Keynes’ greatest failing in his effort to make economies rational was failing to understand that human nature would ultimately mean the only things officials would ever learn from him was an excuse to spend.

It’s a not uncommon failing for all who think economies should be rational, rather than focus on looking at what works to make individuals and/or nations wealthier as Smith did (even Smith’s free trade was for its advantage to making the nation and its citizens wealthier as is proper, and was not egalitarian towards other nations as progressivism has rabidly become and globalism trends towards if only because loyalty to your own may impede short term profits).

Are then saying that Republicans have adopted a “leftist” strategy of growing government? When have Republicans reduced the deficit? The last 2 liberal presidents did…

Again I think when we both talk about shrinking government… I would mostly go after military spending decreases to fund more social safety nets. I suspect cons would go after safety nets to fund more military

When Obama injected more money into a recession… he was able to reduce the deficit towards the end of his presidency…

Trump, in a good economy, is adding more deficit due to tax cuts without spending cuts…

Which one will work better in the long run?

It’s more like settling frontier lands. There’s a lot of money to be made by liberals moving to rural areas as an investor class and providing services to the people who live there, as well to the liberals who will follow to work under the investor class with skills they already acquired elsewhere.

Yes… I would get rid of all federal safety nets. States should provide that, and charity.

People only live so long, and struggling is what makes life real… Too easy of welfare robs people of their life and dignity. Not to mention it makes the workers poorer, since they don’t get it.

Then why is Cal full of Homeless people. And has the most poor people, and suffers a large wealth gap?

Don’t forget about cost of living…lol

poor guy had to start over…lol!

Well I would say that. Can’t speak for Cratic on that.

That’s the whole point of Conservatives decrying Establishment Republicans. (And make no mistake about it, the bulk of the Republican Party leadership is part of that Establishment.) It’s the meaning behind the term RINOs.

Who are the non-establishment republicans?

Yeah, I kind of thought about it in that analogy as well. The other was how Obama said that he wanted to build the economy from the bottom up.

It matters which state you live in. I live in Washington (very liberal) state work in Seattle and we have no state income tax which is nice. Our property tax isn’t so bad either but what hurts us are the property appraisers who keep jacking property values $50,000 each year since 2013.

Our sales tax is pretty high to. But it’s the valuation of property that gets you here if you own a house. If we had property prices near median of the country our taxes would be fairly conservative. NJ is the direct opposite of us, they are hitting you everywhere.

Except in France you have universal health care… :slight_smile:

Where in the south do you live (if you don’t mind me asking)? What would you estimate as the cost of living and taxes where you are at?

What would you estimate as your overall tax burden?

Mississippi. We have one of the lowest COL in the country.

Our sales tax is above average, though. But property taxes aren’t bad and property values, except for key areas (like Madison), are pretty low, too. So it’s fairly easy to get into a decent house and purchase property.

The key is finding a good paying job. It’s getting better here but wages are generally low here.

Libs call themselves progressives but they are really regressive.

Give some examples of how progressives are regressive…

Dear lord that would be a nightmare on interstate 5. My commute still is bad though from Kirkland to Cascade downtown. At least an hour when I am lucky. It sometimes takes longer to get back.