Cosby found guilty

Slow news day! :grin:. At least this one is good to hear.

I’m sure he will still have some nuts defending him or dismissing the allegations. But ■■■■ those people.

Maybe Cosby trying to lecture the black community about their supposed failures was a bad move.

This is the first conviction in the #MeToo era. Looks like he could be facing life in prison (10 years per count, with the 3 counts total) and it could not happen to a nicer fella. Good riddance to him. Hopefully this will also put other wealthy and powerful men on notice, that their days of treating women like objects is over!

Any man here who is a father to a daughter, or a husband to a wife, or just a generally decent individual should be applauding this.

Yep! More convictions to come, hopefully.

Oh, and there’s a tweet for this that seems relevant given the past 48 hours… :grin:.

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That is absolutely amazing! I genuinely laughed out loud reading that.

The man is 80 years old, so any sentence given is effectively life in prison.

He will likely spend his remaining days here, possibly as roomies with Jerry Sandusky. :smile:

State Correctional Institution – Laurel Highlands - Wikipedia

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This breaks my heart. As a kid of the 70s and 80s, I saw him as a cultural icon, from Fat Albert to “Bill Cosby Himself” to the Cosby Show. I didn’t have to hide my Cosby records and cassettes from my parents like I did my Eddie Murphy and George Carlin ones because he always played it clean.
It’s always a bit disillusioning to find out your heroes have feet of clay.

Imagine that in 1990, someone would have said:

Okay, you’ve got Donald Trump and Bill Cosby.

In 2018, one of these people will be President and the other will be a convicted of sexual assault.

Guess which one.



You have such an amazing way of putting things into perspective and challenging our thought processes. Keep being you, please!!

We’re falling down that rabbit hole mighty quickly.

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Trump hasn’t been convicted yet

Actually I don’t think we should be applauding this to fast.
According to a couple Lawyers I heard this morning.
He has an actual Strong case to have the verdict overturned.
The State when he was deposed in the civil trial said that it couldn’t be used against him in a criminal trial the State swore to that. The Judge in this case decided to allow the deposition be instated when the State asked the Judge to allow the deposition and forgoing the promise of the state. So this is very bad legally on the States part and opens the verdict to be over turned.

Yes he is guilty but the case has lots of holes and issues like i stated above that would allow the case to be appealed and in favor of Cosby.

Also I don’t think as a Father as I am this is something to cheer about.
Remember this Woman TOOK MONEY from Cosby and saw him several other times. She kept going back to him even after what he did. So this woman is not anywhere close to being a roll model of how I would want my daughters to behave.

The king of all roofie users is finally going down the drain pipe. #MAGA
Btw, wasn’t this clown a republican as well? I remember O’reilly constantly bringing him up as the epitome of class.

Nice. Well done.

Lets add to this. Every man is now open to prosecution of rape for any time he has spent alone with a woman in the past 15 years and will have no possible way to defend himself. There will be no physical evidence needed. Basically all she needs to do to lock you us is be a good actress and you’re done.

You men need to document every moment you are alone with any woman now. Pull out those smartphones and start recording. If you intend to be sexually active with her. Video her consent & the entire act and store it away for safe keeping. Also get your own breathalyzer to make sure she isn’t too legally drunk to give consent.

This thread is full of a lot of guys projecting their fear about their high school and college activities by trying to paint all women as greedy, untrustworthy liars.

Blame the victim, it’s what they love to do.

A spooky Bill Cosby commercial from the '80s.

Does it take all?

Case in point. What do you have to gain by painting rape victims as liars?