CORY’S EXCUSE: Sen. Booker Blames ‘Spartacus’ Blunder on ‘Tear-Down Culture’

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Sen. Cory Booker dismissed widespread criticism of his behavior during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle on “tear-down culture” Friday; saying the hearings were one of his “proudest moments.”

.@MeghanMcCain to @CoryBooker: "When I think of you now, I think of 'I am Spartacus."

Booker says the moment was "twisted" and part of a "tear-down culture" he rejects.

— Evan McMurry (@evanmcmurry) February 1, 2019

“When I think of you now, I think of ‘I am Spartacus.’ I don’t know if that’s the best reflection of you,” said The View’s Meghan McCain.

“I hope people go back and watch that whole clip, because even that was twisted. It’s a tear-down culture. The truth doesn’t even really matter. I hope you go back and watch the Kavanaugh hearings, that was one of my proudest moments,” said Booker.

“That’s the problem with our culture… That’s not how I’m going to run this campaign,” he added.