CORY EXPLODES: Booker BEGS Supporters to ‘GET IN THE FACE’ of GOP Lawmakers

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Anti-Trump Senator and potential 2020 candidate Cory Booker exploded during a speaking event Wednesday, urging his supporters to “get up in the face” of GOP lawmakers and those supporting the President.

Booker was speaking at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness when he called-on Democratic activists to “get up and please get up in the face of some Congress people.”

“Before I end, that’s my call to action here. Please don’t just come here today and then go home,” Booker said. “Go to the Hill today. Get up and please get up in the face of some Congress people.”

The Senator’s comments echo similar remarks made by Rep. Maxine Waters just weeks ago, when she called for the public harassment of Trump associates at “department stores” and “restaurants.”

Hopefully security will give those lib tough guys/gals and serious thumping.

You want people to get beaten simply for them aggressively verbally confronting Congress members?


“Get in your face”

is more than just verbally confronting. It is a form of assault.

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Oh you poor little snowflake.

No it isn’t.


Just as I said, it is not assault.

Thanks for the assistance.

Those who think they can get in someones face without legal repercussions are gonna be surprised.

Or not.


Was Booker speaking literally or figuratively? Should Booker consider his words more carefully considering he is a black man?

Booker did not beg supporters to assault members if Congress by exhorting them to “get up in their face”.

Case by case basis when it comes to each likely confrontation of “up in their face”.

As law shows it is difficult to show that merely confronting someone would be considered “assault”.

Security…as in law enforcement, in other words let the police handle the verbally aggressive who are disturbing the peace and yeah if they resist they will get thumped.

The problem is that you are taking him literally, not seriously.

Conan went straight to thumping, he never mentioned as you have, “if they resist”.