CORY BOOKER: Pro-Life Legislation Only Advances ‘Schisms and Differences’ Between Americans

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New Jersey Senator and potential 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker weighed-in this week on the new pro-life bill slowly making its way through Congress; saying such legislation only advances “differences” between Americans.

Booker was speaking at a town hall event in Iowa when he was asked to comment on a “recent bill that caused a lot of controversy.”

“This was something that was put forward to try and further create schisms and differences between us. You can not kill a child after birth in this country, that is against the law,” said Booker.

“For women that are really in that difficult position, so called ‘late-term abortions,’ some people try to make it think that is something that commonly happens,” he continued. “It happens when a woman’s life is being threatened and the viability of the fetus is as well compromised.”