CORY BOOKER: If You’re Not ‘DEEPLY DISTURBED’ by Trump You Don’t ‘LOVE’ America

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Liberal senator and possible 2020 hopeful Cory Booker lashed-out at Trump supporters Wednesday, telling a packed audience if you’re not “deeply disturbed” by the direction of the country then you don’t “love” America.

Booker was speaking at a liberal rally this week when he slammed GOP voters across the country, bizarrely suggesting if the country “hasn’t broken your heart” then you’re not patriotic enough.

“If this country hasn’t broken your heart, you don’t love her enough,” Booker said. “If you’re not deeply disturbed by what’s coming, you got to check your own love.”

“Folks are trying to divide us and cut us up, pin us against each other: poor white folks against poor black folks, poor brown folks against poor black folks,” Booker added. “We need to understand this is one nation, indivisible, with one destiny.”

Watch the Senator’s outrageous comments above.

Nothing outrageous at all about his comments.

Those willing to sit by in silence or approval as Trump and his people behave in the manner that they have show what their values are. And they are not the values that made this country great.

Solid points by Booker.


I blame the GOP more than I blame trump at this point. I mean, any man who, while meeting the the leader of NK mentions that they could have some mighty fine hotels…when said man is in teh business of building hotels…well, that is a special kind of con man right there. And he’s just doing his thing.

But for the GOP to sit by silently and let this ■■■■■■■■■■■ them. Awful awful people, those that empower this con man.