CORTEZ: We Should Use Social Media to Show ‘Government is a Real Thing’

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Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this week she plans on using her social media accounts to “humanize” the federal government; saying Instagram and Twitter can be used to “make it real” for millions of Americans.

Cortez was speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes when she weighed-in on her recent posts using social media to highlight her first few days in Washington, DC; adding "I think it’s really important when we actually show people that government is a real thing.”

“I think it’s so important that we humanize our government. I’ve spoken about this before, about making it real, because a lot of times we’ll tune in to cable news or watch what’s going on on TV. And all we’re reading about is bills and all we’re reading about is legislation or the political dynamics," said Cortez.

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That little Socialist from New York sure is living rent free, in the OP’s head. Actually it is more like haunting them. :laughing:

There should definitely be age limits on how young you can be and still run for office. At 28 she has zero clue what she’s doing in politics. That she doesn’t seem to know that government has been a “thing” for over 200 years in the US is troubling to say the least.

Even if you discount the whole ‘left-right’ side of politics and her whole leftist agenda, she just doesn’t have the mental faculties to fully represent her constituents. Left or not they do deserve a Representative that will represent them with a modicum of understanding of just how economics and government works.

It would truly be interesting to see who is truly backing her and pulling her strings. I’m not talking about Joe Leftist or Debbie Democrat that donated $100 to her campaign, I’m talking about the real money behind her puppet strings. I bet they regret their investment in her every time she opens her pie hole.