CORTEZ: US Healthcare is ‘Terrible,’ Medicare for All Will SAVE $5.1 TRILLION | Sean Hannity

Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed-in on the current state of the US healthcare system over the weekend; saying the country “lags behind the modern world” and a ‘Medicare for All’ program would ultimately save over $5 trillion.

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A single payer health care system? You mean like the V.A.? We ALL know how well THAT is working!

Yep! The government waste programs - kind of like welfare subsidies that went wild at the cost of the American taxpayer, social security and medicare that are listed to be broke in less than a decade, Obamacare that was supposed to lower health costs, and to top it all - our crumbling infrastructure. Everything the government does is laden with waste and hidden payouts - when are American taxpayers going to call them on this? The left has no problem with paid for hire rallyers who seem to get what they want at our expense.