CORTEZ TO IVANKA: ‘Living Wage’ is a ‘Right’ for All Americans Regardless of Job | Sean Hannity

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fired-back at Ivanka Trump Tuesday evening; telling the President’s daughter that a “living wage” is a right for all Americans regardless of the “value they create.”

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The Dems and their cohorts got want they wanted- a $15 minimum wage- why isn’t that working out for them?- maybe because the majority of people who hire have small businesses, and cannot afford to pay part time, or full time people $15 per hour, or Target, and Walmart who raised their salaries, but probably have more part time workers, don’t hire as much, are much stricter and fire people faster, or fast food, who already have kiosks where they don’t need humans to work- low wage work in some situations is going to be obsolete because of liberal policies- this is what they pushed for- who they have to blame when it blows up on them?

Minimum wage was never created to live on- it was for teenagers who wanted to work, moms who just wanted some pocket change while their kids were in school, older people who wanted an extra income- by forcing companies to pay more, you hurt the very people minimum wage was designed to help- they never wanted to cheat people- it was part time money for part time jobs- if you want more money, earn it- go to school, work hard at your job and get promoted, etc, but no, the libs were not satisfied with that, now you will see more people hurt by this whole thing- it will happen in the long run- we are seeing the results already

Whatever you want to call it, whether it be minimum wage or living wage, the point is that anyone working full time who cannot pay rent for a 2 bedroom apartment, that they share with someone and also afford food, transport and utilities, is not getting paid enough. Henry Ford paid his employees well and they could turn around and buy one of his cars. If businesses like Walmart do not pay enough then their employees have to buy the cheapest products on the market and guess where they are sold? Walmart! And where are they made? China! Every person that lives in or migrates to USA needs food, shelter, water, utilities, clothing, transport, health, education. The only thing on that list that is mostly not created in USA is clothing. All the others can only be supplied by Americans. So if you want the US economy to grow you need to pay employees a living wage. The wage disparity has grown substantially since the 1970s. Bosses are earning many times more than their employees (not talking about small business here) That boss might have say 100 employees. A single boss will have one house, maybe 2 + cars, say 3 kids who require health, education and entertainment. By giving more to the employees those 100 employees might move from a rental apartment to buying a house. Those 100 new houses boost the housing economy. Those employees might have 2 kids instead of 1. Those 200 kids need much more health, education and entertainment than the boss’s 3 kids. The follow on is that more people might start their own small business to fill the demand. So in all this people need to look at what minimum/living wage can buy and wage disparity. The bottom line is we want to build the economy.