CORTEZ FIZZLES: Liberal Hopeful Speaks to SMALL AUDIENCE, Hails Socialist ‘Movement’

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Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a soaring speech to a near-empty audience over the weekend; hailing her “progressive movement” as a handful of supporters cheered and whistled.

Cortez was speaking with “hundreds of people” from the New York boroughs of the Bronx and Queens Saturday when she called on voters to send a strong, progressive message to Washington this November.

“This is what our movement is all about. It’s all about everyday people coming together and believing in their ability to change this country,” said Cortez. “It all starts with that choice. It all starts with rejecting cynicism.”

h/t American Mirror

This is pretty funny actually. It was the right who tried to make this person out to be more than she is. I really don’t think a whole lot of Democrats think/thought she was a rising star and the new face of the party.

She won’t win the election.

Democrat party put a muzzle on socialist agenda.

How does that make socialist feel?

Where your party doesn’t support your cause?