CORTEZ EXPLODES: Socialist Star Says ‘Fox News’ Targets Minorities, ‘Weaves Hate’ | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took her fight against conservative media to the next level over the weekend; saying Fox News and other conservative outlets “amplify” conspiracy theories and “weave” hatred towards minority groups.

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This 28 year-old still has a lot to learn in life. The more you speak, the more you show your ignorance and stupidity. Go home, be quiet and learn as you go, girl.

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She’s a damn Idiot so call her that please stop calling her a superstar!!

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I don’t know who she is but it looks like she’s desparate for ATTENTION.

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It’s really sad to see someone so desperate to win an election that she makes claims based on what she thinks is the popular opinion. I guess a lot of politicians do that. I feel sorry for her. The part that really amazes me is that she is going to get people to vote for her. That is the tragedy.

Well in the eyes of the people who think like her she is a super star. Hillary Clinton was a superstar even though she killed people with her moronic stupidity as secretary of state during the Benghazi fiasco. The fanatics of Hitler cared little that he murdered millions of Jews only that he gave them something to believe in even if they had no idea what that something was. That is what is sad about the Liberals and the Cortezes of the world. They spew so much nonsense to their followers and it doesn’t matter what it is because they are like sponges that just soak it all in and believe it. But the red wave is coming because the people of this country know better.

Every time I see her, she looks like she is going to start foaming at the mouth. Why is it that everyone of these socialists look like screaming maniacs when they give speeches? Look at video of Hitler, Mussolini, Castro and Noriega. They all had that same look as Cortez.