CORTEZ CONFUSION: Socialist Star Says US Should STOP PRODUCING ‘Fossil Fuels’ Immediately | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised eyebrows yet-again this week; telling a roomful of supporters that the United States should entirely cease production of “fossil fuels” due to their negative impact on the environment.

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Lets see, coal and oil are what is left of plants that died and decayed in the past, thus “fossil” but also technically organic. Natural gas also is produced by oil that’s why it is called “natural”, it is naturally occurring. Methane is also a naturally occurring has that can be found in ancient deposits but is also produced in current times. Landfills are famous for it. People like Cortez and Al Gore want us to go with all wind and solar. PETA is protesting wind turbines because birds have died flying into the blades. Solar panels are made using petroleum to make plastics for components and don’t work to sell on cloudy days. Maybe they should consider using bicycle powered generators, then they can keep up their fitness levels.

libs just don’t get it. God put the oil in the ground so why shouldn’t we use it? Wind and solar are just satanic bobbles to distract us.

Don’t forget that Teddy Kennedy vetoed a wind farm in the ocean off Cape Cod because he didn’t want to see it from his bedroom. And just like there are cloudy days, the wind doesn’t always blow. Not everywhere is suited for wind power.

plus we can’t just be removing wind for our own needs. It’s going to disrupt the currents.

You know, there are looney tunes out there that would actually believe that using wind turbines would divert the wind and deny it to others. They would probably also believe that using solar panels would gather up solar rays the way dams block rivers and decrease the amount of light to others.