CORTEZ CONFUSION: Cortez Looks Forward to Her ‘Inauguration,’ Can’t Wait to ‘Sign’ Laws | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left New York voters scratching their heads this week; bizarrely suggesting she will be “inaugurated” should she win her Congressional race and will eventually be “signing” bills into law.

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Inauguration is a perfectly acceptable word for the Congressional swearing in ceremony if she wins in November.

She never said she would be signing “bills into law”.

She won’t.

Won’t what?

She won’t win. She’s not courting the dead vote in the 14th district.

Cortez is not counting any votes in her district. The Candidates don’t do that task. Also the dead do not vote. Any such shenanigans that may look like that is due to living people criminally manipulating the systems to use the records of the deceased to cast ballots in their names. That has most definitely happened, but is not limited to any one party being solely guilty of doing that. Most recent cases discovered have been cases of family members thinking (wrongly) that doing that in their loved ones names would not be a big deal.

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yes forum grammarbot, that is a complete sentence.

“Socialist superstar”