Corsi says information about him in Mueller indictment against Stone ‘is accurate'

Where watching history.

Corsi is saying that he will testify against Stone. I guess, and this is just my guess, he doesn’t wanna spend a long time in prison for the crimes he’s committed. Or the lies he’s told. I thinking he’s going to roll on Stone and maybe other people.

Our president would call that a rat. As would the mafia.

Process crime!

We all knew Corsi would flip on all of them.

That is not a surprise at all.

Lol… but Hillary hired steele…

Remember when Stone said he will never ever betray fat donald?

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How does “I will consult with my lawyer and testify truthfully” translate into “never betray”?

If dear friend Stone flips, who is left besides family in the inner circle?

Stone won’t flip because he won’t be offered a deal. Mueller doesn’t need him and Stone is completely untrustworthy. He’s gonna get whatever is handed down.

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Fake news!!! Roger who?? Corsi who?? Never heard of them.

Witch Hunt!! No collusion!! Collusion is not a crime!! Process Crime!!!

Hillary!!! BENGHAZI!!!

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He might be offered a reduced sentence

I am with Peter on this one, I do not see Mueller providing any sort of cooperation agreement or what have you to Stone…Not worth the trouble, I mean look at Manafort he got caught violating his agreement and is about to pay bigly for it.

Manafort and Stone are cut from the same cloth…not worth


Dont get me wrong.i want to see them treid for treason…I want Mueller to go hard at him…I just think with bigger fish and stone knows a lot…I mean a lot…there is gonna be something to make some sort of deal…just saying …

I hear you and you may very well be right

I will say this, in this time line anything can happen and I mean anything

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But it is fun