Corruption of Justice...CoJ

And FBI, CIA and NSA.

What does it say that top elements of goverment bureaucrats aren’t beholden to laws an conduct of our society?

How can our law enforcement of FBI go after criminals when they don’t hold their own to standards that they demand others?

How can you raid Stones house in early morning hours for lying when Strzok and McCabe lied to same FBI? Or Clapper, Brennan, Comey and Strok lying under oath to congress?

This is true corruption…worst then any terrorist of mob boss. Why? Because they are the goverment. And thus that is precisely that makes em more dangerous.

Terrorist my kill us…but our goverment can rob us of our freedoms and other civil liberties.

Now flame away. I haven’t forgotten.


Who would you like to gather our intelligence? Who would you like to go after interstate crimes?

William Wallace was wrong…

What major interstate crimes been busted over the last 10 years?

What major terrorist organizations that been arrested and busted up over the last 10 years?

Seems to me FBI, CIA and NSA has other pressing needs. Building dossiers on all Trump staff and possible donors/supporters…which will be used against them once a democrat gets back in oval office.

You did so well until this part.

This is all about protecting Trump.

That’s a given. Shouldn’t have pissed em off. But if they havent commit an crimes they’ll be just fine

None of those ideologues “got Trump”. They just leaked and smeared and spied and lied. Two years ago you might have been justified in saying that attacking them was about defending Trump, but they all had their shots and failed.

No, he starts by saying those organizations are corrupt. Great. Then he reached into the Trump Supporter boogieman top 20 and used them as examples of corruption.

So corruption in those orgs didn’t exist until a Trump came in office?

He should have used more examples that span multiple admins. But now he looks partisan, which is no surprise.

These things are not reported for good reason.

I really don’t give a ■■■■ what libs think…I know they support this corruption and abuse as long as it’s directed at your political opponent. I’m just reminding those that listen just how corrupt CoJ, FBI, CIA and NSA are. People need to be reminded. And how laws don’t apply to those corrupt bastards.

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So there were a few bad apples who were knocked down but yet the OP wants us to believe the entire institutions are corrupt.

Institutions are corrupt as hell.


A long as those corrupt bastards remain free…they’re corrupt.


Trump loyalists are in all of the top positions in all of our intelligence agencies. So if, as you claim, is corruption whose fault is it?

Seems like they just got corrupt in 2016 based on your examples



college cheating scandal for one. plenty of attempted mas murder plots have been taken down in the past 10 years im sure there is a wiki article or 2.

Leo’s at all levels get away with lying, the courts have ruled they can do so with a pretty free hand.

We seem to spend an enormous about of resources on FLE for very little return.

We were never supposed to have a nationalized police force, perhaps we should thin them out and get them back to doing what they were created to do?