Corrupt Fulton County DA Loses Reelection

Good for the people of Fulton County!

Overcharging the Officer was just a distraction from Howard’s corruption.

This was a certified ass kicking by Willis


Keep trying to warn democrats, cops are a lot more popular than democrats are.


Fantastic news, you can bet he didn’t get a single vote from anyone in LE or their families.

You expect a change in policy?

Hopefully, she will be more fair and less corrupt than Howard.

Time will tell.

Indeed it will.

That made me lol.


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FINALLY! An idiot Lib directly pays a price for their own short sighted, politically correct stupidity. Justice isn’t completely dead after all…

Even if the “winner here” isn’t much of an improvement the message has been sent.

Meh, not really, my understanding is he was already on his way out before he charged them.

There’s a very good chance their charging was a vain attempt to salvage his chances for reelection.

Either way, the message has been sent.

That’s what I am saying. Charging them was his Hail Mary play to keep his job, it didn’t work. I think that’s a little different than thinking he was sent packing because he charged them.

Such gambles often don’t work out too well.

Only about 1:50 Hail Mary Passes are successful and I’d just about be willing to bet they are no more successful in politics, especially when the attempt is as desperate as his.

I thought he had a decent shot of pulling this one off, given the current political climate. Never been a better time for democrats to railroad the police for doing their jobs.

Hope everyone has fond memories of eighties violent crime rates.

Sad thing is that when the new prosecutor will take all the heat for the new riots when she either dismisses the charges against the officers because she knows she can’t get a conviction or takes it trial anyway and they are found not guilty.