Corporate America is saying; get vaxxed or there will be consequences

So now the rubber hits the road.

Where do people stand on this issue?

Here are some of the steps some companies are taking:

“You must be vaccinated if you want to come to work,” he tells me. “There are some organizations that are trying one more step before that. They’re saying, if you choose not to be vaccinated, then you will have to be tested several times during the week on your own dime. And you will have to wear a mask in the workplace and not any mask, but that N95 surgical mask. I mean, we are going to, at the end of the day, make this a little uncomfortable for you because you’re making it uncomfortable and the workplace less comfortable for your colleagues.”

That’s the case for MGM Grand (MGM). Unvaccinated workers must regularly test for the virus, and if found positive, they will quarantine – without pay.

I, personally, am completely in favor of this. Businesses free to do what they want…correct?

I expect there will be lawsuits…will be interesting to watch people’s reactions.



Corporate America - doing the government’s bidding to the sound of thunderous lib applause. This will never backfire.


There’s one “small government…businesses can do whatever they want” voice heard from…businesses that do this are government lackeys!

:rofl: :rofl:


That’s the spirit!

What are the businesses basing it on?

What do you mean by “it”?

This requirement to vaccinate.

Their bottom line.

Who is going to hit their bottom line?

You don’t think they will like this shoe when they have to wear it?


It’s their business, nobody else’s. Is the big hand of government going to come down and tell them how to run it?


Oh no, I’m sure they’ll say, “Yes, Sir!” and smile at how obedient they are. :wink:


If COVID spreads through their employees, their bottom line will take a hit.

If cases spike in the country, their bottom line could also take a hit.

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100% for this.

This is being done for safety of employees and customers. Companies also don’t want to be liable for any lawsuits when people get sick at work.

I wonder how companies in red states will be dealt with. I’m certain the governors of those states will try to block this. I hope those governors fail.

Lost production?


They were always going to do this eventually, to protect their profits and limit legal liability.

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Yes liability as well.


I’ve been reliably informed here approximately ten thousand times that businesses have no other function but to ensure continued profitability.

Liability is primary here since despite calls for same there was never immunity given other than by some local governments for local facilities