Coronavirus Thread Political II

Is it possible… now bear with me because I know this concept is hard… is it possible that both Trump and The CDC failed?

I understand the inability to grasp the things that people don’t want to hear.

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Florida may be hit really hard. This could get bad in the southeast. I’m praying for them. Has DeSantis been doing enough?

They only came online last year through Phillips to make ventilators due mid year 2020. I think 10,000 were ordered.

As for Florida with all retired people and nursing home…it doesn’t look good for Fla if they get hit hard.

Getting ready to blame DeSanti are we?

No. I asked a question and offered prayers. Do you think he has done enough?

Oh…so you’re saying Trump was already started on fixing that problem before this pandemic hit?

Well now. Wonder how many libs will ignore that?

When patient Zero hit our shores we should have already had enough tests, and man power in place to start an aggressive testing and tracking program.

We didn’t.

That’s what cost us.

Was it possible to do that? And you think that would have kept it out of NYC?

Wisconsin must have started testing

How would you know when we have tens of thousand of people coming in from multiple entry points?

What new goverment regulations would you impose to catch em?

Is it possible you guys will actually look at the data what was known and when and the fact that this is a brand new emerging virus and admit that what was Casa was done given the timeline and what was no? Look at my post above we’re on the list the key details tell me what more was possible

Not even remotely possible given what was known and the timeline.

We did not even have a genetic code for this virus until January 12th.

Then we run into the manufacturing issues there simply didn’t exist enough manufacturing capacity to produce that many tests in that sort of a timeline I mean it it just didn’t exist.

The only way we’ve got that kind of manufacturing capacity is when we declare a national emergency and the National Defense procurement act which allows the president to then go and get the private corporations involved. Even doing that we’re strangled FDA regulations on getting those labs approved.

The only way we could have possibly headed it off completely would have been for Trump to have a crystal ball somebody at the CDC and NIH having one who could have predicted in early to mid December that we would have a global pandemic that nobody recognized was coming at the time. The paragraph if we had been able to do that Trump would then have to convince the nation that this outbreak that hasn’t even become a pandemic in China yet where it originated is going to consume the us if he doesn’t declare a National Emergency in the middle of impeachment and invoke all the executive powers there under to shut off all international travel between the United States and the rest of the world.

Now be honest and think for a minute how do you think that would have gone over?

Reminiscent of the howling about the 6 Aug 2001 intel report about Al Qaeda. “Bin Laden Determined to Strike US”.

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I already said Trump failed to get out ahead of this…and taking it lightly. Libs still can’t admit that CDC and other goverment agencies had failed, and not just under this administration but decades across multiple administrations. Clinton, Bush, Obama etc.

Apparently Trump was already address the shortage of ventilators prior to this virus hitting.

We did. Trump sent 17.8 tons of them to China in February


■■■■ the Chinese?

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I see…it’s always Trump fault.

Why don’t libs just blame Trump for common cold and get it over with?

Remember that bold decisive action I was saying was necessary at times like this and recent threads?

Our governor basically just close the border with Louisiana all travelers coming from Louisiana must go into a 14-day quarantine.