Coronavirus Stimulus package -Last hope for 2020

NOT a thread about Trumps response to covid to date, or masks. Focus ONLY on this stimulus bill (and any other bill that grows from this)

Last I heard -Nancy and Chuck endorsed this but Mitch was not yet on board. Its well short of the 2.2 Trillion that Nancy wanted (That was full of Pork that had nothing to do with Covid). But almost double the 550b that Mitch proposed (That ALSO had Pork - nothing to do with covid).

This seems to have bipartisan support. Seems like only those the simply refuse to compromise at all would be against it.

Cant find the actual bill but seems to have the following.

1- Another round of $1200 stimulus checks (Not really a fan. But ok with it).
2- $300 a week in unemployment (I think its too low, but support it as better then nothing)
3- 160b for states and cities hit hardest by Covid (I think its needed, I know many Republicans dont. But this is the example of compromise. I think the unemployment is too low and $1200 checks could be better spent for those that need it very almost everyone).
4- Protection for business from lawsuits for Covid claims. would like more details on this. ALL for it assuming no willful neglect. I.E- If someone catches Covid because they ate out - Not the fault of the restaurant. If the Bar Owner told someone who was showing signs of covid but was told “Show up or you are fired” or “No masks allowed sign” on the door - then that’s different.

Hopefully this can pass and start the age of compromise again.

I support it. Except for the state money, that’s what republicans proposed a couple of months ago.

There also needs to be a provision for extending unemployment benefits. They will be running out soon, there are caps.

Sounds like more 1 trillion that repugs wanted before election.

Why did democrats waited until now?

Oh I know.


Couldnt you ask why the Republicans waited until now?
The only bill the Republicans wanted was a 550b one.
This was a new one written by non leadership on either side.

Its almost 500b more then what republicans wanted and there is only 160b for state. So its def not the same.

I don’t where the difference is, maybe the $1,200.

I’ll concede the point.

The $300 a week, liability protection (the biggest in my opinion) are the same.

For only $6 a day you too can adopt an American.


Gonna git me one of them Mao suits. I already know a little mandarin and my Taiwan Air Force buddies said I had good “tone”.

This is the universal income that the socialists said they wanted.


Done deal

In late Jan.
If we want to get it passed this year we need Trump.

I’ll need to read it, but I believe willful neglect shifts the burden too far on to the employee. If an owner doesn’t make accomodations to protect their employees, they should liable even if it’s just neglect.

A hospital that has staff cutting garbage bags for PPE, or a restaurant that lets patrons crowd in without attempting to space them should be terrified of liability.

A retail worker might be forced to leave a safe, distanced position and hover around crowds just because the boss “likes to see them busy”. If that exchange is caught on CCTV, the employee should have at least have the chance to sue. Especially if there are more people in the store than recommended by local health departments.

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Nancy will do it because Jbiden just told her to.

She’s lonely.


Another stimulus check. Pay off the suburban and start on new siding, or new siding and finish paying off the suburban in 7 months as scheduled? Decisions decisions. :thinking:

She gave her support to it a few days ago

Waiting on Mitch.

Waiting on Mitch to what?

You’re welcome

Thanks Trump

No thanks to you that is. :wink:

I know. I’m happy to provide money to those who need it most.

That’s cool, but I probably pay more taxes anyway. lol