Coronavirus non-political thread locked

Why was the non-political Coronavirus thread locked for political posts by one member rather than simply deleting the offender’s posts? If you took that approach in every thread, they would all be locked.

It had become increasingly political. Rather than combing through posts and playing fact checker, closing it was the better option. There are other threads for discussing politics of Rona and still others for non-politics.

Sounds like a cop out. You don’t need to be a fact checker to identify whether a post is political or not … particularly when only one member was posting political comments. Yes there are other threads where these things are discussed, but none where you don’t run the risk of being attacked politically for making a non-political comment.

Oh well … it’s your show.


I concur with Samm on this one. I really liked the non-political thread as a good place to drop new details and current information on the status of this virus without the headache of debate. Just a good source for information. I used it quite frequently.

Why was it in the political section of the board in the first place?


For whatever it’s worth I’d suggest it be cleaned up and opened back up.

You Mod’s have taken a stand to end the trolling so if it’s cleaned up and opened up There should be no trouble.

It is/was a very good source of information until things went south.